Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Begitu cepat kau berubah hati.

Kenapa awak buat saya macam ni?

Awak tahu tak yang saya tak pernah suka orang lain selain awak?

Kenapa mesti ini yang awak balas pada saya?

Mungkin bayak kesalahan saya terhadap awak dulu,

tapi, saya dah berubah.

Hati ini hanya untuk awak sahaja.

Tersimpan hanya untuk dirimu.

Kenapa begitu sukar untuk awak berubah demi hubungan kita?

Dah setahun lebih kita jalani hidup bersama,

kenapa awak masih lagi tak berubah?

Susah sangat ke untuk awak berkorban demi hubungan ini?

Tak banyak yang saya suruh, hanya kesetiaan yang ku pinta.

Awak suruh saya faham awak,

saya dah faham dengan cara hidup awak.

Tapi, maafkan saya, saya tak boleh faham,

dan saya tak nak faham bila sesuatu itu melibatkan perempuan lain.

Semalam, awak mengaku awak pernah suka dia,

awak suka dia masa kita ada masalah.

Sentap hati saya baca SMS awak tu.

Kejap je awak dah berubah hati.

Sedangkan kita tak lah ada dalam keadaan yang teruk pun masa tu.

Tergamak awak buat saya begini awak.

Tak boleh ke awak faham dan mengerti tentang perasaan saya.

Maluu saya awak!

Tapi, saya tolak semua tu ketepi,

Ya, saya kalah dengan tangisan awak,

saya tak boleh dengar awak menangis.

Tangisan awak adalah kelemahan saya,

Awak mengdu dengan saya pasal kesedihan awak,

tentang kehidupan awak,

dan saya tahu, saya kena jaga awak,

Jadi, saya janji yang saya akan sayang awak,

saya akan jaga awak,

walaupun awak sakiti hati saya.

Awak pergilah kat sesiapa yang awak mahu,

saya tetap disini, jaga awak.

Alhamdulillah, awak terus berubah dan janji akan jadi seperti yang dulu.

Saya terus menangis, saya bersyukur kerana Allah tunaikan permintaan saya.

Allah dengar doa saya. Alhamdulillah!

Saya bersyukur sangat-sangat!

Terima Kasih Allah.

Saya akan tunggu awak berubah.

Saya nak jadikan awak lelaki yang terakhir.

Saya tak nak ada lelaki lain selepas awak.

Saya harap awak tak lagi bermain janji.

Saya percayakan awak sayang.

Saya tahu, kesabaran tu amat penting.

Bila saya sabar, InsyaAllah, saya dapat balasan yang setimpal.


Doakan yang terbaik buat kami berdua.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ehemmm.. Dah lame tak update blog. Fuhhhh! Berhabuk!
Well, now, I'm back bayyy :)

As usual, if I'm updating mydearblogy, I will talk about me and BF.

Me and BF have been together since 101010,
so, it's more than 1year now.
I'm so happy have him as my BF.

Yes, lately our relationship so unstable.
We've been ON OFF for few months,
and, YES, until at one point, I give up in facing all these things.
Izra larikan diri drpd dia, Izra cuba lupakan dia,
Izra tried to HATE him, tried to contact with other guys,
but, I have to admit that, all I think about is him.
YES, there's few guys that walk-in into my life,
but, I don't know, he's still in my mind.
Maybe because this is the longest relationship after 3years,
3years of searching for the right person.

Everything I do, I will think about him,
eventhough, there's nothing to do with him.
Even when I'm out with some other guy, onthephone with other guy,
text'ing, and etc,
he's still in my mind.
He's the first thing that come out when I wake up,
and he's the last think I think when I'm about to sleep!

Last RAYA, I went to his OpenHouse,
and I slept over at his family's house.
His family so adorable and so sweet towards me, they're so kind :)
treat me so well.
Speechless when his mother call me "Nak!",
and his mother address herself as, "Mak."
I'm sooo happy and I can feel the love of mother :')
When everytime I'm about to give up,
I will think back about his family.
They're one of the reason why I'm still here,
standing strong facing all these.
I don;t want to lose the love and happiness that I get before.
Another thing is, when his mother introduce me to their family,
she said that, I'm one of her daughter to their family member.

I can see my future more clear when I met your family.
Your sisters can accept me already I think,
your mother also, but, the question is your father and brother.
I will never give up on anything.
Like what your sys told me,
tackle family dulu, baru bole dapat aman :)
oke sys ! :) I will try my best.

I love youu sooo much.
I will try my very best in everything,
to make this relationship more lovely,
and happy.
Now, I realize, that, all we need is UNDERSTANDING!
I think, I've started to understand you, am I? hee :D
I hope the happiness that we have in our relationship now,
will last forever ever after!
I'm soo in love with you.
Alhamdulillah, Allah gave you to me!
Bersyukur sangat.

Hati ini hanya milik awak RAHMAN RAHIM.
Hargailahh diri ini, dan jangan biar mata ini mengalirkan air mata.
Biarkan airmata ini mengalir bila diri ini SAH menjadi isterimu.
Biarkan mata ini mengalir hanya bila diri ini bisa buat dirimu tersenyum bahagia.

Saya janji, saya akan cuba buat awak bahagia hidup dgn saya.
Saya minta maaf, sebab tak dapat buat awak bangga dgn saya.
Saya minta maaf andai saya bukan yang terbaik,
andai saya bukan GF yang baik.
tapi, saya akan jadi PENEMAN HIDUP awak yang terbaik,

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The promise that you have made with me. And, Alhamdulillah, you stick to it!

Thank you soo much for being there for me all the time.
I'm so thankful that Allah gave you to me.

No matter how mad I am towards you,
how you make me turn crazy when it comes to your prangai,
I still can't leave you. The chemistry that we had together,
especially the love that you gave me.
you're the person that can make me extremely ANGRY,
but, in a split second, you can make me turn to extremely LOVING.

I can't bear to mad at you.
Kalau you make me angry pun, kejap jea..
Ingat tak, you did told me that, "I suka bila u marah I, u lepaskan geram you kat I, pastu, you terus minta maaf and you jadi sweet sangat."
Okay, now u tell me, mcm mane I tak jatuh hati kat youu sayang.
You take a very good care of me Dear.

Ingat tak, mase I dtg BP, I marah-2 you,
sampaikan, I dh taktahu mcm mane nak lepaskan marah and geram I,
I nangis! For the very 1st time I nangis sebab I geram and marah sgt-2!
Promise me to not do it AGAIN okayyy! Sedihh tauu. :(

Hmm, nak cakap jugak, thanks sebab youu dh byk SABAR dgn prangai I. Byk SANGAT-2!
Kadang-2 I'm asking to myself, Apa laa yang you nampak kat I ni, smpaikan you syg sgt kat I,
until you have to TAHAN dgn all my merepek'ness! Thanks SAYANG.

Sayang, no matter how many times I thanked you, it won't enough! It's too much Sayang.
You gave me variety of feelings when I'm with you.
Which is, I LOVE IT.
Nak admit something, I suka marah you, SEBAB, saya suka tengok awak mrajuk,
dan, buat muka comel minta kena cubit!

Alaaaa, senang cakap,
SAYA SEDANG DILAMUN CINTA, and orang yg saya cintai itu adalah AWAK, Rahman Rahim!

Terima Kasih Sayang atas segalanya! LOVEawak.

Izra Nadia.

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been a long time since I've click on New Post on this lovely!

Well, I'm posting this new post because of one reason,
that is, about BF! Yes, Beloved BF.

Just now BF called me with his cute and happy voice. Well, I'm superb happy to hear that.
People might think that, I sounds like BF been in sad mood. But hey, that's called life.
Looks happy, smiling, doesn't mean we're happy.
He called me told me that he got place in Poly, InsyaAllah.
And, I'm happy for him.

This is what he wanted all this while.
His life is not as perfect as people thought it is.
So yeah. I told him that prove to all that you're more than their expectation.

BF told me that I'm the only one that understand him.
That make me come with that responsibility to take a very good care of baby.
Because as for me, he need that attention.
He's a very MANJA-boy, and he need to be pampered all the time.
How sweet he is right.

You humiliate him, you make him ashamed of himself, you throw bad words towards him.
I don't even care, because I still love him wayy more than you expect!
He might not be as perfect as what you want,
but, he's just perfect just the way he is in my eyes. Heck care about other things.

p/s for baby: I will love you and take a very good care of you sayang. Because you're the one that can love me exactly like what I want. It's like FAIRYTALE where is you're my prince charming and Imma princess ! Awwww. HAHA

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have a very nice and happy time with you.

don't get me wrong people.
only people with that dirty mind will come with sucha stinky mouth!

necklace that he gave me!

I have a great time with love

I went to Batu Pahat to meet baby.
And I met all of his family members.
Pheuwhhh , it scared me y'know!
But yeah, as what like baby always said, " I cool, I cool !" , cute kan!

Lately, I've realized that I'm falling in love with baby like AGAIN!
And I'm extremely happy with it.
He's being so loving and I'm freaking like it!
I'm on top of the world mannnn

we've been together for 7months and 8days,
and I was like knowing him for like just for few hours,
because I'm totally in love with him.

There's no problem of having lots of friends,
bear in mind that we have to know our limit.
BF so afraid of lemme being so friendly, so cute kan!
But baby, I know my limit sayang.
So, don't worry.

I love making friends,
and please don't get me wrong.
If only I like you, doesn't mean I love you.
It just a bit of HELLO and we're off.
Doesn't mean I love being with you and I'm happy with it,
I'm into you, nahh aa aa!

Baby always asking me;
Don't you feel guilty when you're contacting with guys?
and I said,
nope, because my love just for you and there's nothing wrong for me to get to know new people.
Baby, don't worry okay! Whatever it is, you're still in my mind and heart

I've tattooed your name in my heart!
I love Abdul Rahman b Rahim full hearted

Monday, May 9, 2011

7th monthsary ♥

*my current HP wallpaper !

well, harini dh masuk 10th May 2011. sedar tak sedar, dh masuk 7bulan dh dengan RAHMAN RAHIM. been upside down. macammacam cerita ada . sad, happy, hilarious, tragic and etc. that's what we called LIFE kan? without all those things, life wouldn't be colourful ! :) today's entry, I'm posting this to say my s
orry to babyLove

from the first day I
'm knowing him ,
he's being sucha n
ice guy and understandable person EVER .
I know that I'm being so mean towards him .
But he will patiently handling it.
At one point,
I'm talking to myself,
Why I keep him abandoned while actu
he's being more
than perfect.

Tell me that
I'm stupid,
tell me that I'm blind,
tell me that I'm selfish,
tell me that I don't appreciate,
tell me that I am
those bad things because not valuing you.

I admit that I've made tonnes of mistakes towards you.
I've made a bigges
t mistake by leaving you.
Regret, that one word that describe everything that I've done.

You called me eve
ry single sec,
you texted me every single time,
you care about me all the time,
but, I'm being mean by saying, "don't disturb me" .
My fault ! I know
that sayang. and I'm sorry !

it's my turn to make your life happier with me.
it's time for me to make you feel loved.
it's time for me to make you the happiest person in the world.
it's time for me t
o pay back your love babyLove

I'll be your perfect lover eternally

I will make your life better than before.
I'll be a better GF for you.
I'll be with you at any giventime!

Today, 10th May 2011,
I'm wishing you and
me, both of us,
Happy 7th Monthsary Sayang

I'll be yours forever !

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A new leaf

A new day , a new life , a new leaf .

Sometimes, we tot we've met with someone that truly love us.
Sometimes, we tot that we've met our true love.
Sometimes, we tot we've made a brilliant decisions in our life.
Sometimes, we tot that we're good enough to just ignore everything.
Sometimes, we tot that we're right when actually we're not.

To trust people so fast, is a BIG NO!
There's lots of HYPOCRITE peoples out there

They might look or act like an angle in front of you ,
but, I bet there's lots of peoples like this
totally changed to an evil when they're behind you.
Friends&Family always remind me that,
Don't ever judge the one that you know, so FAST !
after 6 months, then you can make a decision,
either you want him/her or not.

It's very easy to love people like click on LIKE on Facebook,
to forget people that we love is not as easy like click on UNLIKE on Facebook.

Make your tears the most expensive things in the world.
Don't ever waste it for someone that don't even deserve it.
We have right to choose who deserve our tears.
Who the hell are those people to deserve your tears,
while they're happy when they just simply make a fool of us.
Chin up babes, they don't deserved it.

Lots of statuses on Facebook lately,
being updated about how frustrated they're with their LOVE story.
(same goes to me maybe)
But, hey! Now, I realized that, if the one that we LOVE,
returned this damn after LOVE that we gave them,
might as well just said this,
"WTF, I ain't no toys for you to play!"
Get it CLEAR.
I'm so pissed off with all this lah.
Don't give me that damn innocent face when actually,
you're act like a demon! LOL No offense.
Don't take it seriously if you're not the one.

HAHA okay fellow.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easy come , easy go !

Once again ,
I've been attacked exactly the same crisis like my past .
You will never know how HURT it could be .
But based on my past experience ,
I become stronger ( I guess so ), in facing all those things .
Cinta tak semestinya memiliki , am I right ?
But LOVE , is when ,
You're happy as long as the one that you LOVE happy ,
eventhough you're not part of it .
No matter how hurt our heart ,
but to see their SMILE with their love one ,
would heal everything .

You see me smile , laugh , like there's nothing happen ,
it's because you're still in my heart and I'm happy ,
eventhough I know I'm not in your heart anymore .
At first , you keep me hanging !
Then , I keep on asking you the same questions ,
until you answer me.
" cause of some reasons. and one of them is I'm in love with someone else "
ouch, It hurts !
maturely, I have to accept it !
maybe she's wayy better than me and she deserve the best .
and whatever it is ,
I will never HATE him because that's my PROMISE !

I will just keep the distance between me and him .
I will try my best not to interfere in his life anymore .
I think , that's what he want, since he got his LOVE back ,
that is , his EX-GIRLFRIEND !

I will always pray for the best for him .
he deserves the best because he is the best !

capital F , it's for you .
Eventhough I know you will never read this .
Nevermind .
Bear in mind that you're still in my heart .

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hye Fellow !
I'm back .
Dah lama gila right tak update .
I don't know .
Feel so lazy to do so .

Lately , my life have been upsidedown .
there's lots of story that happen .
But , it makes me stronger .
Every single obstacles that I've to face make me tougher !

Study week have started today .
But, it's only for a week !
tak best gilaaa -.-

Someone ask me not to go back because wanna study
with me for this whole study week .
But , that person PAITAO me !

nehmind .
I have to study jugak right .
With or without that person , I have to move on .
Don't put everything in relationship , because you will get nothing at the end !
Am I right ?

I just don't wanna think about it .
The more i think about it , the worse I'm going to turn to !
It hurts me .
But I guess there's no point of hurting our own heart ,
when they don't even care to heal or fix it !
Right ~!

Sigh -.-

Friday, April 8, 2011


Well NOW , I'm Single yet NOT AVAILABLE !

To those who must be wondering why I broke up with Aman ,
let me tell you this ,
" For me to know , and for you to find out "
Not all single things in life we can share with EVERYONE , am I right ?
Because sometimes , what we tell them , or whatever that we shared ,
they might manipulate everything and make things worst.
*it's based on my experience either. So yeah !

Place : McD , somewhere in Selangor !
Mood : wedding preparation for Brother + sleepy like hell

Brother ask me to help him and my future sis-in-law for wedding preparation.
It's all about SHOPPING !
I would love to go SHOPPING .
Okay , I sounds soo like typical girl . -.-

My life is going great !
With greatgreatgreat people around me .
They rawrrr my world yawww .
I just love my daysss .

that's all then .
Got nothing much to update .


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still Wondering WHY !

I'm happy with my life now . But somehow , I feel like there's few people that don't even happy to see me happy . I don't know . Maybe I'm being too sensitive .

If you're someone that close to me , just support me on whatever I do eventhough you know that I'm in a wrong place , wrong time ! Talk to me , confess to me and tell me everything just to fix everything .

I'm happy to be with that someone , but , I'm not happy when my closest person don't like that someone .

It hurts me when I have to choose either one . Sometimes, I just wanna be a selfish person like soo much . As long as I'm happy , heck care about others . But , I just can't ! My people is my everything . But why they don't think the same way ?

I do feel like I don't have anyone when everyone against me in whatever I do . I'm all alone , talking to the moon , talking to myself , talking to my own heart .

Why I have to face this when I'm all happy but end-up been cut by someone that used to very close to me .

I just don't know what should I say anymore . What I know is , I just wanna live my life the way I want it to be with someone that I love . You can against us , but you can never will break the bond that have been bonded .


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Love that you gave me is just wonderful .
It's true that I'm being so weak to handle everything that come across our relationship ,
but , I know I need to stay LOYAL to you .
As for me , you're THE BEST .
Sometimes , I could say that you being VERY-3 NICE to me .
Until I feel ashamed of myself because I treated you BADLY .
I know I shouldn't make you feel unappreciated and disappointed .
There's tonnes of things that I salute about you .
The way you being patient in handling my bad ,
being loving when it comes to reality ,
sucha caring person when I'm in trouble ,
be a GUY that every GIRLS need .

You know what ,
you gave me the feelings of AFRAID of being UNFAITHFUL ,
because I'm afraid to lose you .
I believe in KARMA ,
just like title song of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ;
What Goes Around , Comes Around !
Sometimes , Karma is more torturing .
I can't bear that .
Whatever it is , I'm hoping for the best ,
for BOTH of us !
As for me , every obstacles that come ;
make our relationship stronger ,
and make ourselves matured enough to face any other challenge .
You might seems so SMALL to handle those HUGE problems ;
but , you make those problems as small as a grain of sand .
You Make My Life Seems So Perfect And Flawless !

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Muhasabah Diri

Masalah , Ketidakselesaan , Kerimasan , Stress ..
MacamMacam yang Ezra alami skrg .
Sampaikan at one point , Ezra dh ta boleh tahan ,
Ezra akan let go at org yg paling Ezra rapat ! * SiapaSiapaPonBoleh !
In our daily life , bendabenda mcm ni memg slalu sgt dialami kan .?
Especially students , dgn assignment , quiz , test and etc .
Tapi yelahh ,
macam budaxbudax at tmpt Ezra blaja ni slalu ckp ,
UNTUNGLAH ada org syg .
So yeah , naseb baek ade si Aman ni .
Ie laa tmpt Ezra mengadu SEMUA !
KadangKadang , dgn Aman skali kena marah .
But, naseb baek Aman ni sangat UNDERSTANDING .
Alhamdulillah .
Syukur sangatsangat dapat ie .
Ie laa BF , ie laa KAWAN , ie laa MUSUH , ie laa KAWANBAEK !
SEMUAnya dia .
Tapi yelahhh , Ezra kenalaa terima semua nii kan .
Adelaaa satu perkara ni ,
Ishhhhh !
sangat ta menahan laaaaaaaa ~!!
tapi, still bolehh control .
dah laaaa .
merepek panjangpanjang pon penat jugax tgn na typing kann .
so , better STOP now .
byebye !
yeepeee ~

Saturday, February 19, 2011


;; Love ;;
Untuk love story bagi Ezra ,
everything is going damn well these past few days .
Kalau na cerita pasal problems and arguements ,
memg BANYAK sangatt .
But, I have to admit that Aman being veryveryvery patient with me .
I respect him on that .
Susah sangat tau sebenarnye utk sese org tu faham Ezra ni caner .
So , sape yg BERJAYA faham Ezra , congrats to u'oll .
Banyak jugax yg Ezra dh uji Aman ni .
Haaaa , bukan senang tau na Uji someone ni , and they succeed !
hee :D
macammacam Ezra uji dia .
tapi, Alhamdulillah , he passed !
ahah . Congrats baby-B .
Setakat ni baru je masok bulan ke-4 k itorg matae .
But , we're knowing each other very well like 4years rship .
that's what people said laa . NOT ME ! ngee :D
Aman sekarang dh jadi sgt CARE bout this rship .
until Ezra mcm, ' ehh , dier dh laen sehh ! '
and I was like , shoc ked tauu !
you know when people that 100% changed in a good way .
its surprised me , and I'm glad he's changed ! :)

;; Friends ;;
Well , since Ezra masok sem2 ni ,
feel very different and special with all friends that RAWK my world .
u'know , not ALL friends that we tot are BEST friend for us ,
but, actually , they're not really are .
for those friends that I've been closed with ,
only two of them is my REAL FRIEND .
that is two of me&BF's friend .
I think who you know who you are .
No need to mention the name .
They're FRIENDS that ALWAYS being there ,
in AWESOME & WORST situation .
they're there whenever we need them .
This two my PRECIOUS FRIENDS will alw ays be in MY HEART .
the two 'M' .

;; Family ;;
Been missing MAMA and adekII .
I wanna go back home damn bad .
feel like HOMESICK is on track now .
hm . It's normal I think .
well , this week and next week still tal ey balek rumah .
so , gotta stay at Melaka .
nehmind , getta spent time with friendss .
But still , in my mind , HOMEYY ~!!! :(
Well , lately , Ezra dh jadi makin rapat dgn abangg .
HAPPY sgt !
tatau kenapa . rase macam bole kongsi smua masalah dgn dier .
Mase tu penah ade probs with BF , then , ngadu dgn abg .
then dier bagi nasihat .
cuma na cakap ni ,
Aku sayang kau , Fitt (abg) ~!!

;; Study ;;
sekarang ni , mcm biasa jugax .
malas tu dah melandaaa . huuu :|
tapi , dh semakin sedar yg TESTTEST dan segala yg mengecutkan perut dh makin hampir .
so , sekarang kena start laa belajar sikitsikit .
tapi, okay laa .
rasenye sem ni , ta laa teruk sgt mcm sem lepas .
yelaah , sem lepas sebab masih tertatih dgn account subject .
sebab actually , Ezra takde basic Account .
tapi , gatal na ambik Account subject .
nasib baik boleh perform OK laa sem lepas .
tu pun sgtsgt LAST MINUTE punye study .
A day before EXAM baru study semua ,
huhuh :|
naseb baik NGAMNGAMSOI .
pheuwww .

tu jelaaa kot !
dh byk sgt dh menaip nii .
hee :D
BORING kann .
sebab tulaa merepek panjangII ni . hee :D
BYEE u'OLLs . !

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Updated ~!!

That is what baby-B bought for me for birthday .
:: Baby-G ::
Nickname that he used to call me .
Ahahah ~!!
LOVE it damn much okayy ^^

He came to Malacca to meet me .
SweetyyPie !

Lazy to UPDATE more !

Just Wanna thank to all that wish my birthday ;;
especially . Family , BF and BFF !
They are just awesome .



Friday, January 28, 2011


It's been a long time ago since i last updated my blog .

As u'ol can see , ^^ photoshoot session !
It's for fun actually .
I'm not a model , like REAL MODEL .
Just doing for fun .
Just now , being called from phtgrpher .
saying wanna do photoshoot with me .
So, still considering , since I do this all only for fun .
And , maybe i'll accept it.
Still do lotsa homework based on posing.
It's ain't easy like what we thought it is .

Anyway , jump into Sem2
the Family (classmates) makin lama makin rapat .
We're like A FAMILY .
Bila sekeliling selesa , everything's gg great !
so do my study .
Tp , biasa jugaaaa ,
kalau mulamula sem ,
sangatsangat malas na study at bilik .
so , just put 100% focus in class .
that's what I did .

He's being the BEST that I've ever had !
He's being extremely understanding .
He takecare of me ,
based on everything .
He know his character, well in this LOVE STORY .
We're building something they called , TRUE LOVE !

mood ;; I'm so in LOVE !

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Adore You babyB !

** I'm always thinking what make me fall in love with you like CRAZY !

** I'm so in love with you . Yea, I know I sounds so the Jiwang,com ! But, heckcare !

** Everything that you've done to impress me , make me feel appreciated .

** You always give me surprises , and I LOVE IT

** You're such a patience guy . You impressed me with that .

** One more thing about you is, you're so damn cute ! especially your VOICE . hee :D

** I love to see when you're jealous over something or someone , because , on that point , you look so adorable and CUTE !

** Yes , people always said that, WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE, EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE PERFECT ! It's deniable . But, it's good by the way . Isn't it . So, MOTS ( moral of the story ) :: keep yourself in love to make everything be PERFECT !

** I'm so excited whenever I see your face . You make me fall in love with you every time I met you ! LOVE it . *smiling

** I just love everything about you .

** What make me feel so HAPPY is , when you come to meet me on our 3rd monthsary . That's a big surprise and precious things for me . THANKYOU ;)

** You're everything for me . You're my Prince , babyB !