Saturday, September 25, 2010


you make me love you even more
more than i ever expected
you're someone that i've been searching for
i cnt believe that u're the one !
spending my time with you ,
just like im spending my time in heaven .
* it just a metaphore *
i dun bear to say goodbye to you just now .
because im so in love with you .
we might be far away starts from now,
but the heart still stick together
but yea, study still the num 1,
which is, i've to focus on my study .
and , i think, i've done my very best in my prev test and etc .
still , im doin it now .
stdying :)
but not to forget , the love is still dere .
doesnt mean,
when we're stdying, we cant have someone .
as long as we know how to organize the time .
now is,
the question is why ..?
nehmind, wont think negative way !
i just loving him .
if anything happen in future ,
he still the one that make me feel
the REAL LOVE again ,
after 4years !
thankyou .
and also, thankyou for the sweet moment just now .
im enjoying myself with you .
your smile ease my mind .
and i think, i shud just see at ur smile
when im down ,
because ur smile make me forget all my problem .
im just being prepare for anything that could happen .
hmm ..
the fear is always dere ..
hope evrything is going well ..

Friday, September 24, 2010

heart !

counting down
would be the moment that i will never forget
well, currently doin ntg
just youtubing
love is wonderful feeling
sometimess we can say that we're in love
but, do we know what it means by love ?
LOVE is subjective
diff people, diff thought
such a wonderful feelings ever
so fast ?
yeaa .
but, the feelings is soo strong .
dun have a reason why .
it just come naturally .
as im not forcing it nor him .
it just us !
both of us .
im not even trying very hard to like him ..
it come unplanned !
tak terfikir pon ..
but yeah ,
it just come .
which make me said ,
"woo , why i felt something when im with him ? "
its been a long tyme ago since i felt this way .
the excitement, happy, smiling, calmness, and the heart beat !
there's something ..
and for yearsssss ,
i never be this way ,
until i dont think like wanna talk to the other guy .
because my attention is just for him .
its been 4years since the last tyme
that i felt this way .
the feelings ,
like there's no other guys
in this world .
but still,
dowanna limit myself .
because , be prepared,
anything could happen in future ..
and im READY for anything dat might be happen !
just wish me goodluck

Sunday, September 19, 2010

went here and there .
marsiling, wdlds polyclinic, the restaurant, the busstop, stairs at custom !
memories ..
keep on coming until im sick of it .
i wish i can do something to make everything goes well .
all i can do is , hoping that everything will back as per normal .
i know that he already hate me .
but, the love still dere wif him .
why ? i also dunno ..
tried to forget him .
but, i cant !
i dont limit myself just for him .
because, for me ,
i know, he wont accept me .
so, i move on ..
and meet new people, new friends,
but, notyet a new matae .
i like someone ,
but i dont think the real LOVE is dere .
it just , im happy whenever wif him !
dats all .. and yeah,
enjoyin myself while im single ..
as in, not that ENJOY,
i mean, tak kena kongkong ,
stress psl r/s, or anything dat related to r/s !
whatever it is ,
i dont need ANYONE , to judge me .
i can judge myself ,.
not being arrogant,
but, sometimes, people also being so demanding
on what should we do in life .
its our life, let us decide .
u can advice us,
tp, bukan TENTUKAN on what shud us be !
the nicer u talk to us, the greater we respect u !
thankyou ~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

just another post :)

me and cuzzy !
behind side of us !
honey barnie !

nureen , cuzzy !

lovely auntie :)

beloved atok & sporting uncle !


having great tyme wif familyy and friends ~
yesterday, outing with friends, SAFWA and BANIE .
it was fun as we shared lots of stories ( i think )
HAHA .. well, they're my LAUGH GAS !
and thanks to SAFWA and BANIE bcs sggop dtg rumah aku balik hantar aku peyh barang !
appreciate ur kindness ! :)
and RAYA at kampung wass soo much fun !
arghhhhhh ~
satu keje lagi nk kena DIET .
it takes 1 month to loss weight,
but, i takes less than 1 week to gainingg that much !
haiyooo ..
yesterday, karaoke'ed with family mmber ,
until 3am !
aiyyyoo ~
out of voice ! hahaha .. * if only dat sentence exist laa.not sure!
anw, having family and friend that understand us is the most important thing in life .
trust, advise, chance, understanding, care and etc .
thats important !
and , i love them, bcs they have ALL of these ~
thankss for being dere and take a very good care of me ,
eventhough i know, its soo hard to take care of me !
but, i could say , WELL DONE !
all of uu are good enough , great enough, awesome enough in MY HEART !
heart . heart . heart

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

KL ~

simple and clean huhh :)
doin ntg in car , cam-whoring !

while waiting for my burger !
while listening to what mama is talking !

gg to dinner !
in the car , OTW to KL ..
at home, bfore to KL
went to KL .
mum and dad got meeting to attend ..
so yeah ,,. ALL IN ONE !
meeting, hols, and shopping .
short of tyme !
end up , just go and buy baju kurung !
dats all ..
nvm .. still enjoy the suasana of hari raya ..
everywhere LAGU HARI RAYA !
syiokkkk ~
anw, lazy to update more .