Friday, September 24, 2010

heart !

counting down
would be the moment that i will never forget
well, currently doin ntg
just youtubing
love is wonderful feeling
sometimess we can say that we're in love
but, do we know what it means by love ?
LOVE is subjective
diff people, diff thought
such a wonderful feelings ever
so fast ?
yeaa .
but, the feelings is soo strong .
dun have a reason why .
it just come naturally .
as im not forcing it nor him .
it just us !
both of us .
im not even trying very hard to like him ..
it come unplanned !
tak terfikir pon ..
but yeah ,
it just come .
which make me said ,
"woo , why i felt something when im with him ? "
its been a long tyme ago since i felt this way .
the excitement, happy, smiling, calmness, and the heart beat !
there's something ..
and for yearsssss ,
i never be this way ,
until i dont think like wanna talk to the other guy .
because my attention is just for him .
its been 4years since the last tyme
that i felt this way .
the feelings ,
like there's no other guys
in this world .
but still,
dowanna limit myself .
because , be prepared,
anything could happen in future ..
and im READY for anything dat might be happen !
just wish me goodluck