Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Love that you gave me is just wonderful .
It's true that I'm being so weak to handle everything that come across our relationship ,
but , I know I need to stay LOYAL to you .
As for me , you're THE BEST .
Sometimes , I could say that you being VERY-3 NICE to me .
Until I feel ashamed of myself because I treated you BADLY .
I know I shouldn't make you feel unappreciated and disappointed .
There's tonnes of things that I salute about you .
The way you being patient in handling my bad ,
being loving when it comes to reality ,
sucha caring person when I'm in trouble ,
be a GUY that every GIRLS need .

You know what ,
you gave me the feelings of AFRAID of being UNFAITHFUL ,
because I'm afraid to lose you .
I believe in KARMA ,
just like title song of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ;
What Goes Around , Comes Around !
Sometimes , Karma is more torturing .
I can't bear that .
Whatever it is , I'm hoping for the best ,
for BOTH of us !
As for me , every obstacles that come ;
make our relationship stronger ,
and make ourselves matured enough to face any other challenge .
You might seems so SMALL to handle those HUGE problems ;
but , you make those problems as small as a grain of sand .
You Make My Life Seems So Perfect And Flawless !