Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ehemmm.. Dah lame tak update blog. Fuhhhh! Berhabuk!
Well, now, I'm back bayyy :)

As usual, if I'm updating mydearblogy, I will talk about me and BF.

Me and BF have been together since 101010,
so, it's more than 1year now.
I'm so happy have him as my BF.

Yes, lately our relationship so unstable.
We've been ON OFF for few months,
and, YES, until at one point, I give up in facing all these things.
Izra larikan diri drpd dia, Izra cuba lupakan dia,
Izra tried to HATE him, tried to contact with other guys,
but, I have to admit that, all I think about is him.
YES, there's few guys that walk-in into my life,
but, I don't know, he's still in my mind.
Maybe because this is the longest relationship after 3years,
3years of searching for the right person.

Everything I do, I will think about him,
eventhough, there's nothing to do with him.
Even when I'm out with some other guy, onthephone with other guy,
text'ing, and etc,
he's still in my mind.
He's the first thing that come out when I wake up,
and he's the last think I think when I'm about to sleep!

Last RAYA, I went to his OpenHouse,
and I slept over at his family's house.
His family so adorable and so sweet towards me, they're so kind :)
treat me so well.
Speechless when his mother call me "Nak!",
and his mother address herself as, "Mak."
I'm sooo happy and I can feel the love of mother :')
When everytime I'm about to give up,
I will think back about his family.
They're one of the reason why I'm still here,
standing strong facing all these.
I don;t want to lose the love and happiness that I get before.
Another thing is, when his mother introduce me to their family,
she said that, I'm one of her daughter to their family member.

I can see my future more clear when I met your family.
Your sisters can accept me already I think,
your mother also, but, the question is your father and brother.
I will never give up on anything.
Like what your sys told me,
tackle family dulu, baru bole dapat aman :)
oke sys ! :) I will try my best.

I love youu sooo much.
I will try my very best in everything,
to make this relationship more lovely,
and happy.
Now, I realize, that, all we need is UNDERSTANDING!
I think, I've started to understand you, am I? hee :D
I hope the happiness that we have in our relationship now,
will last forever ever after!
I'm soo in love with you.
Alhamdulillah, Allah gave you to me!
Bersyukur sangat.

Hati ini hanya milik awak RAHMAN RAHIM.
Hargailahh diri ini, dan jangan biar mata ini mengalirkan air mata.
Biarkan airmata ini mengalir bila diri ini SAH menjadi isterimu.
Biarkan mata ini mengalir hanya bila diri ini bisa buat dirimu tersenyum bahagia.

Saya janji, saya akan cuba buat awak bahagia hidup dgn saya.
Saya minta maaf, sebab tak dapat buat awak bangga dgn saya.
Saya minta maaf andai saya bukan yang terbaik,
andai saya bukan GF yang baik.
tapi, saya akan jadi PENEMAN HIDUP awak yang terbaik,