Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been a long time since I've click on New Post on this lovely!

Well, I'm posting this new post because of one reason,
that is, about BF! Yes, Beloved BF.

Just now BF called me with his cute and happy voice. Well, I'm superb happy to hear that.
People might think that, I sounds like BF been in sad mood. But hey, that's called life.
Looks happy, smiling, doesn't mean we're happy.
He called me told me that he got place in Poly, InsyaAllah.
And, I'm happy for him.

This is what he wanted all this while.
His life is not as perfect as people thought it is.
So yeah. I told him that prove to all that you're more than their expectation.

BF told me that I'm the only one that understand him.
That make me come with that responsibility to take a very good care of baby.
Because as for me, he need that attention.
He's a very MANJA-boy, and he need to be pampered all the time.
How sweet he is right.

You humiliate him, you make him ashamed of himself, you throw bad words towards him.
I don't even care, because I still love him wayy more than you expect!
He might not be as perfect as what you want,
but, he's just perfect just the way he is in my eyes. Heck care about other things.

p/s for baby: I will love you and take a very good care of you sayang. Because you're the one that can love me exactly like what I want. It's like FAIRYTALE where is you're my prince charming and Imma princess ! Awwww. HAHA