Wednesday, June 23, 2010

black hair =.=''

huhh ,
yesterday i dye'ed my hair to black .
serious talk , it was effing ugly .
pffftt , wad a stupid university dun allow colour hair .
if not because of that univ, i wont make my hair black eh .
nvm , when i have holidays,
i will colour my hair summore . yeayy !
then , my hair mcm dh rosak gytu ,
because too much dye'ing hair .
haix .
feel lyke wanna wear wig sehh .
nahhh , or it will look like LADYBOY siaa ..
hahaha ..
nvm laa , im a MALAY wutt,
so i guess dere's no problem if my hair is black .
dats our natural hair colour mahhh .
but, i prefer blonde brown colour . :(
nahhh , just for awhile wutt , only for 3years .
wait , 3years??? black colour hair ? arrrggghhh .
holyyyy S**T .
stupid univ .
bcause of dat stupid univ i dun look lyke MATSALEY celop anymore.
*feeling2 mcm matsaley je aku ehh .
haha . *k diam !

saw dat pic ,?
dat is wad Muzy wanna gv me yesterday on dance prac .
but, i dun come , i paitao .
and,i dun even know dat he wanna gv me dat .
until i on my FB just now,
and i saw, he tagged a photo of me , dat is dat pic .
this is for you ezra. i wanted to giv u on wed but u really didnt come. so i took this photo to let u see wat im goin to giv u b4 u goin malacca. i will keep this for memorialble of u. miss u. study well:)
// dat is wad he stated dere .
he's so sweet .

but, i dunno, i cant force myself to love him .
sometimes, aku mcm tak smpai hati gytu nk tgglkan dier .
but then , i duwan to gv a false hope .
and at last hurt him .
bcs, yeah , i tried to love him , but, i cant.
whye? idk .
seems lyke i've been deaf of the LOVE words.

to muzy,
im so sorry for what that i've done to eu .
i know dat eu might be sick of my apologize ,
but, this is for our own good .
i duwan to hurt eu more.
imagine, if i just hold eu till now but i still cant love you .
and eu love me evenmore and we spent tgther ,
and then , at last i still failed to love eu .
and i said gdbye,
it would hurt eu even more muzy .
sometimes, i think,
i better make eu hate me,
so then , eu cn forget me easily .
but, when i look at ur innocent face,
seriously, i cant even bear to say gdbye.
dats whye, i decided not to meet him yesterday .
well, keep it as memories .. dats the best .

anw, sorry for the lately post always talk bout love and confuses .
well, dats me !
blog is lyke my dear diaries .
and for readers, lyke ANGEL who know wad i feel inside .


signing OUT !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

haix :(

today supposed to be my last dance prac
wif 22clb bfore i go to malacca for stdy ,.

but then ., i feel guilty for some reason .
and im afraid to face them .
i feel extremely guilty .
i miss those KECOH moments dat i spent wif 22clb .

i miss dancing wif them .
i miss 22clb . :"(

person dat i could never forget is ICE .
haix . she's being nice wif me since i join the crew .

but now, im afraid and mcm segan gytu nk text her or even talk to her .
im afraid she mad at me for some reason .

i read her fb , and she is att wif fadil,.
i want to wish her LAST LONG ,
but, idk whye i cant even type dat at her fb ..

so, i just stated here laa i think ,

to ICE and FADIL, LAST LONG ayee ! :)
and dun repeat lyke wad dat i've done bfore .
i know eu guys wont !

haix .. why tis things happen huhh ?
i wish i cn go to the past , and fix the things ,
so dat , i wont be like now .
sit at one corner , afraid to face the reality .

i want to mit them BADLY .
but, its hard for me to face them .

then , i decided to just observe them from far .

seing them HAPPY, SUCCESS and become POPULAR,
is enough for me :')

haix .

i dunno whye tis crew mean soo much to me .
i guess , 22clb will be my greatest memories !

singing out .!

Monday, June 21, 2010

i dont know why .

relationship ?
i just dunno wad to say bout dat .
been in relationship, but then , back to single .
i can say dat im not ready .
even , patch back wif the person dat i love ,
also i cant .
i dunno whye .
mcm dh takde prasaan gytu nk ade any relationship .
im lyke sick of it .
or mybe not the time yet .
and maybe because i dont even meet the right person yet.
i dunno . even me myself confused of it .
sometimes, i can say dat i dun feel any LOVE feelings .
whye? i also dunno .
lyke, i dun even know wad LOVE is all about .
sometimes, i happy and then i thought i've fallen in love,
but then , i feel nothing .
sometimes, when i like dat person , i thought, i love dat person ,
but then , i failed to feel dat LOVE .
confused enough !

now, i feel its better for me to just remain single .
and try to change to a better person .
try not to hurt other's feeling .
i believe in KARMA , and dats whye im scared of it .
im not choose to be like wad i am now .
im not choose to make people hate me .
and im not choose to hurt people's feelings .
i feel guilty for wad dat i've done .
but seriously , im confused of myself .

* anw, enjoyed the pics , eventhough just a few of it .

my grandmutherr ! mmuackss :)

oopsie . i know im boncheyt .* k diam !

heyy hii , at my lobby hotel . nice hotel . pacific regency, KL .

ice skating wif aunty and brother. at sunway piramid, KL .

while waiting for my brother buy tickets for skating .

2girls and a guy at Tganu ! Merang beach reasort .

model wannabe .. HAHA .. cannot be laa .. FAT laa liaoo .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

090610 .

yesterday, he proposed me to be his .
hug me and whispered to me ,
" would eu be mine ? "
awww .. im speechless siakk ..
im HAPPY ! :)
i love him damn much .
but before i accept his love ,
i said tis

me : but, eu know dat im gg to malacca and im gonna leave eu ryte ?
him : yea , i know dat. eu dun worry kayy ?
me : tis is long-distance r/s sehh eu .
him : its okay. :)
me : ok ! and the answer is " YES ! "

*hugg !

and then ,he said he want to make an announcement bout us to our crew.
and i tot he just kidding sehh .
but, seriously he told them ALL .
and its like , KECOH !
and semua said congrats to both of us !
but then , one of our crew dat is Sheeqeen ,
suddenly cried bcs dier baru lepas break up wif her boyfie !
im sorry qeen . just dun b sad laa kaee ? :)
and another one is Ice !
idk . but i can see thru her eyes dat, she want to say something.
her eyes lyke wanna cry and i feel guilty once again .
hmmmphh ~
idk leii ..

but no matter wad , i still love my guy ! :)
i love eu babyy :)

to you , LOVE !

i want eu to be mine forever .
we just have to gv our best kayy bie .
i know it would be hard for both of us .
especially me !
and yeahh , just be patience wif me ehh dear .
sometimes i would be SOT ! haha ..
just hold me tight .
love you syg !


Monday, June 7, 2010

HAPPY ! :)

wad a nice conversation wif eu yest !
i LOVE it soo muchh ~
eu make my day .
and yeahh , thankss to eu too bcs i cant sleep .
i keep on thinking bout eu sehh DEAR !
whye huhh ?
i just control myself to stop thinking bout eu .
hmm ,,. better i shud stop tis .
LOVE ? its very BIG word to say .
haix ..
but yeah , the wayy he confessed to me ,
HAHA .. im soo loving it !

by the time eu said dat " Its You ! "
sappppp .. im speechless !
and im BLUSHING sehh DEAR !
HAHA .. nvm laa ..
and i cant wait to mit eu sehh nnti .. :)
awww .. how i wish i can hug eu ..
hmm , but then , im afraid it could feel lyke awkward sehh .
mybe not the tyme laa ..
so, i hold back !

HAHA . LOVE ! :)
now, im having a very great tyme wif eu .
yes , we're not meeting each other now,
but, dunno whye, i feel eu just ryte beside me !
evrytime i receive ur text ,
i will smile ! :)
evrytime eu call me , my heart beating .
is dat wad they call LOVE ?
i cant bear to say dat .
its lyke phobia siaaa ..
but yeahh , i might fall for him . :)


i hope wadever we are ,
either we're going to att , or just friends ,
i hope this feelings would not affect our r/s or even friendship .
eu know dat i will leave eu bcs im gg to stdy ryte ?
and yeahh , i just want eu to hold dat feelings for me .
im starting to afraid to lose eu .


Thursday, June 3, 2010

unexpected feelings !

this is really like unexpected !
im happy wif this guy .
these days , idk , feel weird !
weird feelings .
i dun even expect dat i would like or love or wad also idk .
complicated feelings .
but, obviously, im happy wif this guy laaa ..
hmm , meet him quite sometimess ..
and yeahh , tis feeling just come itself .
i dun force to and i just follow the flow,
and NOW, ere i am ,
writing tis POST saying dat I LIKE HIM .
weird feelings EVER !
hmmmphhh ~
if only i cn mention his name ere ..
okae laaa ..
his name is ...
HAHA .. nahhhh
for me to know and for eu to find out !
fav phrase ! :)

he make me wanna sayy " lalalalala "
hee :)



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

random post ! :)

tounges OUT !

well , it shows dat i've move on !
noneed to SAD .
and noneed to think bout dat bloodyHELL cb !
hate him so muchh laa liao .
wad for to think bout dat KNN ryte ?
pfffttt ~
wasting my time .
and yeah , im soo not gonna die if i lost eu BUTCH !
and yeah , eu fucking chibye , better get ur life LAHH ..

now i get my life back .
back to normal .
but yet,
dun even mit any guy for nw.
dats better i think.
but, apiz , want patch back wif me .
i said better not laa.
i want him to chnge first,
then , eu come back to me .
and he said OK !
and OK for me too !
i dont want to fikiran bout tis too much.
better think bout my stdy ! :)

and yeah ,
my mum wanna buy for me lappy !
and , MAYBE , idk yet, i'll get vaio!
HAHA .. best kepe ~
thankss to MAMA .. :)

and tday,
got dance prac at RP , 730pm!
dance dance dance ! :)
i LOIKE . ~
but my flu still blom semboh . HAIX .
nvm laaa ..
IM STRONG wutt !
hahaha ..

irritating face ! HAHA .. happy to make those faces !
it sounds like tis :
" heyy you , eu think i care bout eu ?
its a BIG NO !
get it ? HAHA .. ~ "
* oke mepek ~

bbye ol .
*signing out!