Wednesday, June 23, 2010

black hair =.=''

huhh ,
yesterday i dye'ed my hair to black .
serious talk , it was effing ugly .
pffftt , wad a stupid university dun allow colour hair .
if not because of that univ, i wont make my hair black eh .
nvm , when i have holidays,
i will colour my hair summore . yeayy !
then , my hair mcm dh rosak gytu ,
because too much dye'ing hair .
haix .
feel lyke wanna wear wig sehh .
nahhh , or it will look like LADYBOY siaa ..
hahaha ..
nvm laa , im a MALAY wutt,
so i guess dere's no problem if my hair is black .
dats our natural hair colour mahhh .
but, i prefer blonde brown colour . :(
nahhh , just for awhile wutt , only for 3years .
wait , 3years??? black colour hair ? arrrggghhh .
holyyyy S**T .
stupid univ .
bcause of dat stupid univ i dun look lyke MATSALEY celop anymore.
*feeling2 mcm matsaley je aku ehh .
haha . *k diam !

saw dat pic ,?
dat is wad Muzy wanna gv me yesterday on dance prac .
but, i dun come , i paitao .
and,i dun even know dat he wanna gv me dat .
until i on my FB just now,
and i saw, he tagged a photo of me , dat is dat pic .
this is for you ezra. i wanted to giv u on wed but u really didnt come. so i took this photo to let u see wat im goin to giv u b4 u goin malacca. i will keep this for memorialble of u. miss u. study well:)
// dat is wad he stated dere .
he's so sweet .

but, i dunno, i cant force myself to love him .
sometimes, aku mcm tak smpai hati gytu nk tgglkan dier .
but then , i duwan to gv a false hope .
and at last hurt him .
bcs, yeah , i tried to love him , but, i cant.
whye? idk .
seems lyke i've been deaf of the LOVE words.

to muzy,
im so sorry for what that i've done to eu .
i know dat eu might be sick of my apologize ,
but, this is for our own good .
i duwan to hurt eu more.
imagine, if i just hold eu till now but i still cant love you .
and eu love me evenmore and we spent tgther ,
and then , at last i still failed to love eu .
and i said gdbye,
it would hurt eu even more muzy .
sometimes, i think,
i better make eu hate me,
so then , eu cn forget me easily .
but, when i look at ur innocent face,
seriously, i cant even bear to say gdbye.
dats whye, i decided not to meet him yesterday .
well, keep it as memories .. dats the best .

anw, sorry for the lately post always talk bout love and confuses .
well, dats me !
blog is lyke my dear diaries .
and for readers, lyke ANGEL who know wad i feel inside .


signing OUT !