Friday, July 2, 2010

good time ! :)

happy, tired, excited and etc .
now, im at malacca , further stdy .
in the first week of stdy,
i've been attended to orientation week .
which is called Minggu Destini Siswa ( MDS )
it was soo much fun .
meet lot of new friends.
about my room mate .
they are cool .
and, having friends from other course, same colledge, same course.
lots of it ..
and yeah , meet so called lots of my KAKI GEREK laa here .
especially MASCOMM's student .
kecohrable. they're fun people sehh .
serious talk . like, evrytime i saw the kecoh person,
cnfirm, dat person is from MASCOMM .
but, as me , as a kecoh person too and too much talk,
people always ask me, taking wad course,
then , i answerd, DAIS.
and they was lyke, OUH , I TOT MASCOMM.
haha .. nvm laa bout dat .
so far , evrthing goes well .
i love the environment .
having good time .
and yeahh , during the orientation week
dat is MDS,
all the PM is superb COOL ,
especially when the end of the MDS .
haha ..
anw, wish me goodluck in my stdy OK?
anw, bbye ! :)
signing OUT, !