Friday, July 16, 2010

strangers .

now what ?
got one reader named ' zuka ' write at my tagboard,
said those rude words.
plss. i dun entertain ppl lyke eu.
always make others' lyfe COCKUP!
if you think im that type of girl,
you're totally wrong.
this is the first time ppl said that to me .
and im quite shocked with those words.
i do know who the H**L that post it .
and who is he/she that can say like that to me .
very rude person.
can you just MYOB (mind your own business)?
i think you deserves that !
arghhhh !
i dun even have mood to type more.
very distract my attention to blog again .
nvm .
i think i should just ignore the NOLIFE peyh ppl !
duhhhh ... stupidooo ~
better OUT now .
tmr got class . BYE !

Saturday, July 10, 2010

suxx !


now im home , JB !
tot of gg to spore, but,
i think i shud just stay at home
lagipon, the person dat i wanna meet dere ,
just sucks!
he always lyke convince me dat he loves me ,
but then , he always lied to me .
and i dunno whye im still lyke budak bodo,
still syg him and contacting him .
eu guys cn just say dat im stupid enough
bcs i choose him .

drop e suxx things bout guys .

now, im talking bout my univ .
haix .
it is soo stricts .
i cant wear this, i cant wear that .
then , i decided to just wear bajukurung and kemeja
to attend classes .
but then , have to buy lots of bajukurung .
bajukurung is ain't cheap okae ..
and, wad make me feel unsatisfied is,
when got lots of student coloured their hair .
but, the rules dun allowed coloured hair .
it is sooo unfair !
another things is , the FOOD ,
quite expensive for student .
it is FOODCOURT for STUDENt tauu ..
how cn eu sell it at expensive price .
pfffttt ~

yesterdayy tumpang my frens balek JB .
he's a guy , so called my dance partner
when i was in secondary school .
at first he's lyke pdiam gytu bcs dh lame tak jmpe .
but then , when we talk2 ALOT,
and also rewind our memories as dancer bfore,
the car turn to be KECOH as dere's 10peoples in dat car .
haha ..
but, it was fun . from UiTM alor gajah to JB ,
just in 2hours!
speedy speedy . then , realized that he speed all the wayy ..
stoopid you laa .. HAHA ..
dats all i think ..

singing out !

Friday, July 2, 2010

good time ! :)

happy, tired, excited and etc .
now, im at malacca , further stdy .
in the first week of stdy,
i've been attended to orientation week .
which is called Minggu Destini Siswa ( MDS )
it was soo much fun .
meet lot of new friends.
about my room mate .
they are cool .
and, having friends from other course, same colledge, same course.
lots of it ..
and yeah , meet so called lots of my KAKI GEREK laa here .
especially MASCOMM's student .
kecohrable. they're fun people sehh .
serious talk . like, evrytime i saw the kecoh person,
cnfirm, dat person is from MASCOMM .
but, as me , as a kecoh person too and too much talk,
people always ask me, taking wad course,
then , i answerd, DAIS.
and they was lyke, OUH , I TOT MASCOMM.
haha .. nvm laa bout dat .
so far , evrthing goes well .
i love the environment .
having good time .
and yeahh , during the orientation week
dat is MDS,
all the PM is superb COOL ,
especially when the end of the MDS .
haha ..
anw, wish me goodluck in my stdy OK?
anw, bbye ! :)
signing OUT, !