Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Want Nobody But You !

been missing for quite sometimes .
a bit busy , but, don't know of what . ( haha )
currently doing nothing .
just watching TV and online'ing .
next Monday , dah start balek class .
so , here I am .
cheyyy , berazam na dptkn dekan .
sebab hampirhampir je na dpt dekan sem lepas .
3pointer je .
point brape tuu , adelaaa !
but, its okayy laa kan ..
try harder this semester !
semester lepas byk maenmaen laa .
haha .
nevermind, chances will always with us ,
its depends on us on how to take that chance ,
and WOW the world and who that LOVES us .
just try my best .!

anyway ,
me and love still in awesome condition !
I love him like a first time we felt in love
hee :D

that's all for now !
bye ~

Friday, December 17, 2010

Title ? hmm , no need I think . HAHA .

him >> necklace with a letter "E" for Ezra
me >> necklace with a letter "A" for Aman

Well, not updating my blog for quite sometimes .
being busy lately .
go here and there .

I don't know what to say .
It just, the only thing that I can say now is ,
I'm so happy with BF .
He being so wonderful .

Patience !
That's what I learned from BF .
I feel ashamed when he's being patience in handle my BAD .
in relationship,
it's better let things been unsaid ,
rather than talk about it ,
and at the end,
we know we'll jump into fight !

Said your sorry,
doesn't mean that you're give up or lose to someone .
It's just you put aside your EGO ,
because as for you ,
LOVE is EVERYTHING for you .
But, if only you choose EGO instead of LOVE,
then, you will never live happily with a LOVE ONE !

well ,
that's all I think ~

byebye OL !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2nd POST !

Kena GAME !!
arghhhh ~

At first,
babyB told me that his phone lowbatt ~
so, I can't contact with him .
Okay fine .
Then, I text one of my friend that BF go out with .
I said to her,
to take care of BF .
then, she told me,
" I don't find your BF, he's gone, I dunno where he go. He's not with me."
And I was like . WTF !
this is not a joke okayy ~
then, they convince me saying that this is serious SHIT .
and I was like, ehy serious laa ..
then, phone have been pasted to Awan Akimz ,
another lies .
arghhhh .
saying that if BF still can't be found,
then they have to make a police report .
takkelakar laa dorg bilang gytu .
then, Awan said ,
" tak caye, cube kao tanye kwn aku plak."
On the spot, aku jerit , " BHYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!! "
Abeh, BF just laugh .
And said, " sayang jugak kau at akuu kan. "
tooopiddd an ..
ofcourse I LOVE YOU gunduuuu ~
sampaikan ehy,
rase mcm na jalan kaki seh turun town !
If like seriously BF hilang eyh ,
I will call anyone, anybody to fetch me ,
or call any taxi !
I don't care !


haishhhh. . .

Wonderful Feelings Is What I Feel Whenever I'm With You, LOVE !

I just LOVE to be right beside you
spending my time with you is my precious moments
you might be nobody to anyone , but, to me, you're everything
you impressed me with your LOVE
you come into my life,
and you treat me like IMMA QUEEN !
surprisingly when you can just changed me .
I know, the only person that changed me is YOU !
I love a man that can changed me .

You never throw a harsh word to me ,
the way you talk to me,
say it while stare straight to my eyes,
make me fall for you .

A kiss upon my forehead is what I LOVE
it shows your love

When he said his sorry of everything,
I would just stare straight to his eyes,
and said,
" Even if you're not asking for it, I will always FORGIVE you ! "
and my hearts said,
" You will never done nothing wrong . NEVER ! As for me, you're just perfect . "
and my hand,
holding both of his hand
and a kiss upon his forehead

I wish I can just FREEZE the time
ENJOY the moments with him
take lots of pictures with him
laugh with him
enjoy our meal
talking about our future
share our story , either BAD or GOOD
holding each other's hand

I Will Make You The Happiest Guy In This World

Love That Have Been Bonded Is What That We Will Always Stick With

You're My Guy
Abdul Rahman bin Rahim

Sunday, December 5, 2010

LOVEyou !

Aku sayang Dia SEORANG
Meeting him after 3weeks !
Haiss ~
Ryndu oiiiii . . .
Kesian BF kena tggu about 2hours
before getta meet me
for only 3weeks,
ta jumpe BF,
masing2 mcm malu2 gytu .
kekek kepe ~
be right beside me is all I want !
he is the best EVER .
spent time dgn BF , HAPPY sgtsgtsgt !
understanding ! , that's what I LOVE about him ~
but, sometimes, I'm the one that spoil everything .
haishh , I know I'm not perfect !
Forgive me please babyB .
I know you will say,
" No. You done nothing wrong. "
But, I can see it clearly just thru your eyes babyB .
Your eyes can't lie to me !
I can know what you feel inside when I look into your eyes .
You're just like me .
I just can't stop loving youu.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You're my everything

hello peepos !
today gonna update blog again ~
tomorrow . . .
gonna meet babyB
it's been 3 weeks since last I met him .
miss him damn much .
At last, bole jugak jumpe ie . .
hee :D

babyB being so sweet when he said,
" No matter what, I'm so gonna come to JB and meet uu up,
I don't care. Because I miss you, babyG "
I just can smile when he said that .
How sweet he can be right ?
He said, he dowanna make me feel disappointed nomore .
because I did text'ed him,
how jealous I am when seeing other couple being sweet to each other ,
in front of me ( friends ) , !
And he said,
" It's okay babyG , don't worry because I will come to you and make that feelings fade away and happy with me. "
awwwww :')

thanks babyB !

arghhhhh . . I just can't stop talk about him and his love.
And I just can't stop thinking about him !



Thursday, November 25, 2010



I miss Rahman Rahim
Everywhere I go,
I hope there's you
This is the first time that we're not meeting each other
like about 2 going to 3 weeks
I cant believe that we don't meet each other .
I'm so gonna meet you babyB .
or, maybe I'll just meet you up when everything's settle ?
hmm ..
but, its gonna be another 1month!
wahlaooo ~
I can't wait .
But, it's gonna be great right ?
to hold on our miss feelings
Everyday, I'm waiting for your call .
And you never disappoint me !

Aku Sayang Kau
I'll never tired of LOVING youu Gunduu ! :)
you're my EVERYTHING .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

heyy :))

currently at auntie's house
doing nothing
just FB'ing and watching TV
got nothing to do
and at the same time waiting for LOVE to call
I hope he will call me
since his phone was broke
it's so hard for both of us to contact each other
but i appreciate that he tried his best to contact each of day
and he also said his sorry because he's not contacting me like he used to before
but I'm okay with it because I believe in him
what I could say is ,
there's no doubt in his love towards me .
anyway, it's time for LOVE's big moments !
hope he's doing well
GoodLuck babyB ~

p/s for baby :
Just bear with me
and I'll make you
the happiest GUY in this world !

Friday, November 19, 2010


doin some photoshoot
photographer : Ash Icon
well, this is my 2nd photoshoot EVER .
i know nothing
and this is the result
still new in this thing
hope will gain something to be better .
most of these pict is not yet been edited by Ash .
so, its something called illegal ..
sorry ! but still , its the best for me for this time :)
I do enjoy the photoshoot .
well, i have to make that MASAI look .
smile not allowed .
but , still have fun .
at the same time, actually got another photographer ,
he's doin it just for fun , ánd
he did photoshoot with me too ,
but, then, he want me to Smile .
so its like, wait2 , smile or not ?
confusing .. because its TWO photographer in e same time,
but, want different emotion .
so yea .
anyway , will update more about photoshoot !

i will never forget you not even a second of my life !
All i do, i do it for you.
I'll pray for your best babyB
do your very best
and i'll be here supporting you .
I'm behind your back to CHEERING for you
you're THE BEST babyB .
just now, babyB call me,
right after i posted,
" babyB , I need you ! "
he called me ..
while, he don't even know that I'm posting it ,
because he can't even online his FB .
so, it was like ,
whootwhoot !
he can know my feelings ,
and this is not for this time only
this is for few times jugak laa
he can read me seriously
he's just like me , and I'm just like him
whatever it is ,
my HEART have its NEW OWNER !
and the owner would be my babyB for sure ,

Abdul Rahman b Rahim

Monday, November 15, 2010


thank you so much babyB .
your LOVE is so wonderful .
sometimes, I felt guilty because I feel like I'm not good enough for you .
But, you will always be there to say,
" you're just wonderful just the way you are "
you're all that I need babyB .
I just can't stop loving you .
you're my everything .
In every breath that I'm taking ,
there will always LOVE for you that tagged along with it .
you always pop-up in my mind babyB .
your LOVE , my LOVE, our LOVE,
is so strong !
sometimes, eventhough we're not meeting each other just for a few days,
we're missing each other like few months never meet .
when you or me reminds each other that we're not meeting each other just for few days,
both of us will just laugh .
yes, we sometimes talk harsh words to each other,
but, thats doesn't mean we're hating each other .
it just we're just the same .
we're not a romantic type !
we're SLUMBER type !
we're a couple that other couples would jealous of .
we're just being ourselves when we're together .
there's no need to hide anything .
because all we need in relationship is HONESTY !

babyB .
thank you because you're always there for me .
you're always there to love me,
you're always understand me,
you're patiently handle me,
you're willing to hear all my problems,
your compliments,
your care,
your love,
your sweetness,
your everything lah babyB .

eventhough I know that my thanks can't win your sacrifice for me
thanks once again !
thank you soooooo much


Thursday, November 11, 2010

101010 ♥


spent my time with LOVE one .

ouhh , im soo loving it !

he's sucha NICE guy .

can I say that I'm falling in love wit him over and over again.

hee :D

Im so in love with this guy .

A guy that can take a very good care of me .

I love when i feel appreciated !

and he's the one that make me felt that way .

every single thing that he did,

make me feel appreciated .

he's so perfect to me .

I dont care what people wanna say about him .

what I know is, I LOVE HIM .

people make mistakes , so do him !

and so do me ..

so, when its about mistakes ,

we're involving about everyone including ourselves.

dont act like u're sucha ANGEL !


we're entering our 2nd chapter of our relationship .

we're doin great .

there's no fight in our relationship .

everything's goin FINE .

and yeah, day by day,

our relationship is getting stronger .

he's being so understanding , his care, his love , his trust,

I'm so loving it .

Hope everything is gonna be fine .

Just him .

There's no other name in my heart .

im tatto'ed his name in my heart ~


He gave me his necklace with a letter "A"

he said to me,

"If you miss me, hold this necklace, and you will feel me, and

I will touch my chest, feel my heart when Im missing you ,

because I know there's YOU ! "

What a sweet he can be right .

I just can smile .

He's my everything !

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SemBreak ♥

well .
today is the starting point for my SemBreak !
yeayy ~
no more sem1 ..
well , exam been okay .
everything's going well .
but, got one thing that playing in my head now is
about one of my FRIEND .
I've found out that she's something like BACKSTABBER .
as she's doin something behind my back,
and it's something to do with me .
I've found out that she's contacting with my BF's ex .
which is im not sure what's her point of doing that .
As a friend of mine, she should be with me ,
and not my BF's ex .
and whatever it is, whatever the story was ,
it should be just between me, myBF and BF's ex .
nothing to do with her .
somehow I think she's not being honest with me .
she's playing a game with me .
whatever . as i dont need this kind of "FRIEND"
If only what in typing here is wrong ,
then you , that I used to call you my babyG ,
please confront me and tell me what's goin on !

Sunday, November 7, 2010

♥ Abdul Rahman bin Rahim ♥

babyB ! !
akuu syg kauu ~
im so in LOVE with you .

each second of my life,
i wanted to be with you .
we're far apart .
but, i believe in YOUR love babyB .
I hope you know how to take care of me .
and I will take a very good care of you too babyB ~

we're knowing each other since 101010 .
yes, we're start knowing each other as a friend .
and yes, you and me don't even have feelings at all .
but, day by day ,
care that you show me ,
make me fall for you .
I can see you're trying so hard to get me .
At first, I was like ,
hmm , I don't think we will be together ..
that's a BIG NO .
but then, you never giveup to win my heart .
everyday, everyminute, everysecond,
you call me, you text me, you vidcall me and etc !
you're close to me , but, yeah, as friend.
I dont even have feelings for you that time,
bcs im in love with someone else .
but, we're not in a good condition .
so, you come, JUST ON TIME !

you're there when i need somebody to talk to .
you're willing to hear all my problems .
i appreciate it a lot .
till now, u gv me so much LOVE .
dont even a second I feel tired of you .
but, the LOVE keep on growing .
I miss you every second of my life .
I will continue and never tired to LOVE you .
you deserve my TEARS babyB .
but, I know, you wont make me cry .
and I trust youu ~

you never fail to make me SMILE babyB ~
i treasure u so much .
I cant wait to spent more time with you !
you're the person that I wanted to be with .
who can truly understand me ,
and accept me the way I am ,
and u're the person that I feel comfortable with .
Im just loving it .

thanks babyB !

my LOVE will always be there for you

Friday, November 5, 2010

peepos ~

since i've promised that someone not to mention bout him in my blog anymore ,
so yeah, i wont !
and maybe, i could say, WASTED ~
well , im holding my words and STILL ..
im not playing my words to ALL , like YOU !
oopsie, did I mentioned about him ?
hmmmm nahhh ~

currently, otp with babyB ~
what a littlesweetypie you can be eh Bhy !
im falling in love with you EVERYDAY, EVERYSECOND .
just left few days for my hols,
im so gonna meet babyB .
Bhy, kau tunggu aku tau Bhy ~
Kau sabar eyh , kau HOLD dulu RINDU kau tu .
aku pun rindu kau babyB .

babyB so sweet seh .
im just teasing him,
saying that im not gonna meet him for quite sometimes,
because i dowanna disturb him with what he's doing now .
abeh mcm sad gytu, bilang to meet him !
and he said,
" I know how to give time ,
time to be with my LOVE, and time with other stuff ~ "
awww !
and he need me for this time ,
as to give him support in what he's doin now .
and im not gonna let uu down babyB ..
i will always be there ,
anytime you want me to .
everything I do, I'll do it FOR YOU .

I've done nothing,
but, U've done many things for me ~
there's lots of things that u sacrificed just for me !
until at one point,
I'm saying to myself,
" Woo, there's still got this kind of people ,
that don't even think about others, but, just both of us "

whatever it is,
you're my everything
my friend, my enemy, my lover, my date, my scandal, my babyB, my huggybear, my warmjacket, my romanticFILMS, my hero
and lastly you're MINE !

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aku Sayang Kau !

LOVE of my life .
you're being very patience with me .
veryveryvery patience !
I could say that you understand me very much .
I dont know, you're like, can read everything about me .
You know what I like, and what I dont .
You know what you should do and what you shoudn't .
you treat me well , you appreciate me , and you values me so much .
every little thing that you have done
to make me happy,
make me fall for you evenmore ~
yes, we're knowing each other starting with just a friend .
our first meet up is the moment,
when we started to like each other .
Our 2nd meet up is the moment,
when the LOVE been builded up .
Our 3rd meet up is the moment ,
when you're sound stead me ~
the moment that i will never forget ,
1648 . 311010
the unforgettable moment
what i noticed about you is ,
you like to whispering to me those 3words,
yes, you're the best .
I admit you're EVERYTHING to me now !
sorry because i make u waiting for me,
for quite sometimes .
and u're patiently face it ,
u're patiently face it when I said to you that Im in LOVE with someone .
On that point, you still willingly to hear all my problems with HIM .
and you ask me to release my tension by let everything to you .
you inclined to help me solving my problem with HIM .
in fact, you're in LOVE with me .
there are too much proof that you love me .
those proves make me fall for you unconsciously .
you're meant a WORLD to me ~
thankyou so much !
lagi satu .
please take care of your health .
wait until my hols, i will meet you up ok ?
and i will wait for your hols too .
cant wait for those time that we've been planned right bie ?
I know You know ~
and yeaa ,