Thursday, November 11, 2010

101010 ♥


spent my time with LOVE one .

ouhh , im soo loving it !

he's sucha NICE guy .

can I say that I'm falling in love wit him over and over again.

hee :D

Im so in love with this guy .

A guy that can take a very good care of me .

I love when i feel appreciated !

and he's the one that make me felt that way .

every single thing that he did,

make me feel appreciated .

he's so perfect to me .

I dont care what people wanna say about him .

what I know is, I LOVE HIM .

people make mistakes , so do him !

and so do me ..

so, when its about mistakes ,

we're involving about everyone including ourselves.

dont act like u're sucha ANGEL !


we're entering our 2nd chapter of our relationship .

we're doin great .

there's no fight in our relationship .

everything's goin FINE .

and yeah, day by day,

our relationship is getting stronger .

he's being so understanding , his care, his love , his trust,

I'm so loving it .

Hope everything is gonna be fine .

Just him .

There's no other name in my heart .

im tatto'ed his name in my heart ~


He gave me his necklace with a letter "A"

he said to me,

"If you miss me, hold this necklace, and you will feel me, and

I will touch my chest, feel my heart when Im missing you ,

because I know there's YOU ! "

What a sweet he can be right .

I just can smile .

He's my everything !