Sunday, November 7, 2010

♥ Abdul Rahman bin Rahim ♥

babyB ! !
akuu syg kauu ~
im so in LOVE with you .

each second of my life,
i wanted to be with you .
we're far apart .
but, i believe in YOUR love babyB .
I hope you know how to take care of me .
and I will take a very good care of you too babyB ~

we're knowing each other since 101010 .
yes, we're start knowing each other as a friend .
and yes, you and me don't even have feelings at all .
but, day by day ,
care that you show me ,
make me fall for you .
I can see you're trying so hard to get me .
At first, I was like ,
hmm , I don't think we will be together ..
that's a BIG NO .
but then, you never giveup to win my heart .
everyday, everyminute, everysecond,
you call me, you text me, you vidcall me and etc !
you're close to me , but, yeah, as friend.
I dont even have feelings for you that time,
bcs im in love with someone else .
but, we're not in a good condition .
so, you come, JUST ON TIME !

you're there when i need somebody to talk to .
you're willing to hear all my problems .
i appreciate it a lot .
till now, u gv me so much LOVE .
dont even a second I feel tired of you .
but, the LOVE keep on growing .
I miss you every second of my life .
I will continue and never tired to LOVE you .
you deserve my TEARS babyB .
but, I know, you wont make me cry .
and I trust youu ~

you never fail to make me SMILE babyB ~
i treasure u so much .
I cant wait to spent more time with you !
you're the person that I wanted to be with .
who can truly understand me ,
and accept me the way I am ,
and u're the person that I feel comfortable with .
Im just loving it .

thanks babyB !

my LOVE will always be there for you