Friday, November 5, 2010

peepos ~

since i've promised that someone not to mention bout him in my blog anymore ,
so yeah, i wont !
and maybe, i could say, WASTED ~
well , im holding my words and STILL ..
im not playing my words to ALL , like YOU !
oopsie, did I mentioned about him ?
hmmmm nahhh ~

currently, otp with babyB ~
what a littlesweetypie you can be eh Bhy !
im falling in love with you EVERYDAY, EVERYSECOND .
just left few days for my hols,
im so gonna meet babyB .
Bhy, kau tunggu aku tau Bhy ~
Kau sabar eyh , kau HOLD dulu RINDU kau tu .
aku pun rindu kau babyB .

babyB so sweet seh .
im just teasing him,
saying that im not gonna meet him for quite sometimes,
because i dowanna disturb him with what he's doing now .
abeh mcm sad gytu, bilang to meet him !
and he said,
" I know how to give time ,
time to be with my LOVE, and time with other stuff ~ "
awww !
and he need me for this time ,
as to give him support in what he's doin now .
and im not gonna let uu down babyB ..
i will always be there ,
anytime you want me to .
everything I do, I'll do it FOR YOU .

I've done nothing,
but, U've done many things for me ~
there's lots of things that u sacrificed just for me !
until at one point,
I'm saying to myself,
" Woo, there's still got this kind of people ,
that don't even think about others, but, just both of us "

whatever it is,
you're my everything
my friend, my enemy, my lover, my date, my scandal, my babyB, my huggybear, my warmjacket, my romanticFILMS, my hero
and lastly you're MINE !