Friday, April 30, 2010

now i know

yest aquhh dpat thu somethings ,
dat make me feel lyke ' WADD ??? '
siakk ehh
so dat , wad i felt bfore bout him is TRUE ?
he's wif someone else ?
slalu hangout same2 .
wads all tis .

i know all tis from
my uncle !
he know how to judge peeps
he cn know either he is sincere or not
he cn know evrything i mean in r/s laa .

and yest ,
i ask him to look after Apiz .
and , im shocked when my uncle said ,
he got another gerl
but as friends or more , dats cant figure out .
and he said ,
apiz and dat gerl alwayss hangout tgther .
i knew it .!

but then ,
i ask my uncle bout my jodoh wif apiz,
he said ,
aquh and apiz ade jodoh ,
it just , ade probs ,
the problem is takpuas hati between each other .
dats all ..
siakk ..!

evrything dat my uncle said to me .,
its TRUE'ness man ..

but i still cant accept dat he gg out wif gerls
but then , neva tell me .
aquh tak suke siaa
when i get to know something bout him ,
from other person ,
not from his mouth .


enough foe now .
mood : FADE UP !

saying : BBYE uh .
*singing out

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new family ?

heyy peepooss !
its me AGAIN .
ofcourse laa kan ..
tis is my BLOG wutt ..
hahaha ..

and yeahh .,
yest , i've chatted wif
one of critikkaluciousbeatz's crew ..
dat is Sya .!

talking bout his dance crew
and i told him dat i wanna join his dance crew.
shud be awesome ryte ?

well , he's a nice guy
treat me lyke his fam ,
i mean DANCE FAM !
and aquh belom lagik attend dance prac ,
but he already considered me as one of the FAM .
sweet kapa . !
oke , im excited to join them .

and , view his blog ,
siakkk !
name aquh dh ade pat list dhe
and he put my name as
Sis Azy Critikalucious Beatz
unexpected !
anw , he give me name called Azy
easier way to call me rather than ezra .
whatever laa ehh Sya .!

dats all foe now .
*looking forward to attend their dance prac !
wad a nice peepooss !

wavvy HAND !


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

missHYM !

hye oll .
been nowhere todayy .
stay at home doin ntg other than ONLINE !

miss my baby soo muchh .
its been 1month since i met him last tyme .
ouhh GOD , miss him lyke eff'ing much .

and , i gotta attend Erwin's bday,
his anaksedara .
on 22nd May !
hmm ., baby and me keep on thinking,
wad to give Erwin .
hmm ...
baby .., boy .., 2years ..
*thinking !
wad shud i buy foe him ehh ..
shud discuss wif bby MORE .

his mum ask me to stay a night on Erwin's bday,
dunno either i can make it or not .
bby come back from work quite late,
and i have to back home earlier .
still unconfirmed !

i wish i can make it ..

oke oll .., feel tired !

*signing out !!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


. hey peepss .
. sorry foe d late update .
. feel abit lazy to upload pics and updating blogs .

feel bored at home
doin ntg

yest , shud attend d dance prac at wdlds .
siaa ., paitao !
cant make it laa liao .
and im afraid dat dat dance crew
might kick me out huhh
hopefully NO laa kan .
hmm .. ~

im not in e good situation
in these past few days
bout my rs .
haix .
its hard foe me to believe in guys ANYMORE
dats my problem
mybe i've been dumbed many tymes bfore
and im sick of it
between me and him .,
its almost 2months since we've been tgther.
and yeah , i still cant believe him.
but, i salute his patience !
he got something dat make me cant leave him.
eventhough peeps always saying
bad things bout him, but i still love him.
do the figure, physically
affect the love and rs ?
foe NOW , i could say NO .
mybe peeps see him ,
he's bad foe me
and he's not meant to me
they say , imma good gerl and dont want me
to be a bad gerl when im wif him
and dowan me to be his ANOTHER 'toy's and 'victim'.

foe those who concern bout me ,
i appreciate dat .
and i think i know how to take care of myself OKAE ?
i will try not to as much as i can !

i feel lyke he got someone or maybe more than one
and i hope wad i feel is not true
evrytime i feel dat way .
i will says to myself dat
let it be , and just ask him, warn him
and if its true ,
just leave him and make my own way
and move on.
but, as long as the things is still not confirm,
i still make things lyke usual .
lyke nothing's happen .
and my frens always said dat ,
"no need to loyal to him if eu feel dat
he's cheating on eu ."
but foe me ,
as long as i dont have the proof ,
i wont do the same things .,
mingle arnd .
NO !
but, sometimes, i do have!
and , when , i think about it again ,
i feel lyke , i shudnt done dat.
i shud loyal to him .


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


tmr is ou Monthsary .
but dunno whye ,
suddenly im about to think dat i might wanna end our rs .
this thingss hv been played in my mind bfore .
haisss ..
whye haa .. ?
im confused bout tis .
when i think bout our past ,
e very first tyme he text'ed me .,
i start thinking ,
mybe he's lyke dat also ryte now .
at e very first tyme he text'ed me ,
he sent me .
" bby , HUG ! "
and , mybe he sent it too to all gerls.
idk ..

i've accept him bcause of 1 reason ..
dats is just certain peeps only know whye .
and now wadd ... haisss
CONFUSED oiii !!!

countingDAYSS .

. heyy peeps !

tmr will b our(apiz&me) 1st monthsary.
HAHA . still new leii ..
so yeahh . end of our 1st chapter .

goin to 2nd chapter !

lots of thingss happen foe sure ..
but , nvm .,
we still stand strong tgther !

he's such a nice guyss .

mybe peeps see hym and say ,

"whye i choose hym ?"

just shutupp luhh liaoo ..
eu dun even know his heartt wutt .

foe me .,
i dont even care wad peeps talk bout hym .,
when , he's my boifiee .,
i will alwayss LOVE hym .

i love when he being so caring wif me and , being so sweet .
can tahan my maki towards hym .
haissss .. i've DONE lots of mistake towards hym .
but , he still dere foe me and still cn SMILE .
hmm .. he's so perfect foe me .
sometimes, i cnt bear to look into hys eyes .
bcause , i feel lyke wanna cry of all dat i've DONE to hym .

and hys voice , e way he talk ,
so CUTE !
haisss .. jatohh gerll ~ (:
but, whye i always make hym cry huhh ? haisss ..

bby ., tmr is our 1st Monthsary!
and i love eu .
m sorry foe wad dat i've DONE to eu bfore.

i know dat i shudn't did dat to eu.
foe me ., eu're such a nice guys and
i promise eu dat i'll changed
and be a better girlfiee foe eu bby !
i wish we'll last long tgther b .!


hahaha .. oke mepek .
bbye then ..


ezra AWAY .. ~

Sunday, April 4, 2010

new POST .

having a very great DATE wif bby
went mit him about 11am on FRIDAY ( good friday )
mit him at causeway point .
taking bus 969 to tampines.
jalan2 awhile at tampines mall
then heading to town .
jalan2 and cam-whore'ing
and then , go eat at long john silver .
share meals wif bby .
im on DIET .
hahah ..
im gaining weight oii .. HAVE TO CONTROL .
then , while jalan2 pat town ,
both of us lyke SEARCHINg foe matsaleyy
haha ,, kekek kapa ..
when bby saw a matsaleyy gerl , hys eyes ehh ., GATAL .
haha ..
when its my turn , my eyes will be more GATAL .
main mata oii wif dat matsaleyy guyy ..
having e very nice tyme wif bby .
i love hym so muchh laa liaoo .

but yeahh .
in our rs ,
there's always FIGHT, PROBLEMS, and etc .
and yeah ., it makes our rs bcome stronger !


and either i can or not .
i have to TRUST him ..
dats e MUST .
in evry rs ..
ryte ?

oke peepss ..
dats oll foe tdayy ..
bbyee .. ~