Wednesday, April 7, 2010

countingDAYSS .

. heyy peeps !

tmr will b our(apiz&me) 1st monthsary.
HAHA . still new leii ..
so yeahh . end of our 1st chapter .

goin to 2nd chapter !

lots of thingss happen foe sure ..
but , nvm .,
we still stand strong tgther !

he's such a nice guyss .

mybe peeps see hym and say ,

"whye i choose hym ?"

just shutupp luhh liaoo ..
eu dun even know his heartt wutt .

foe me .,
i dont even care wad peeps talk bout hym .,
when , he's my boifiee .,
i will alwayss LOVE hym .

i love when he being so caring wif me and , being so sweet .
can tahan my maki towards hym .
haissss .. i've DONE lots of mistake towards hym .
but , he still dere foe me and still cn SMILE .
hmm .. he's so perfect foe me .
sometimes, i cnt bear to look into hys eyes .
bcause , i feel lyke wanna cry of all dat i've DONE to hym .

and hys voice , e way he talk ,
so CUTE !
haisss .. jatohh gerll ~ (:
but, whye i always make hym cry huhh ? haisss ..

bby ., tmr is our 1st Monthsary!
and i love eu .
m sorry foe wad dat i've DONE to eu bfore.

i know dat i shudn't did dat to eu.
foe me ., eu're such a nice guys and
i promise eu dat i'll changed
and be a better girlfiee foe eu bby !
i wish we'll last long tgther b .!


hahaha .. oke mepek .
bbye then ..


ezra AWAY .. ~