Wednesday, April 21, 2010


. hey peepss .
. sorry foe d late update .
. feel abit lazy to upload pics and updating blogs .

feel bored at home
doin ntg

yest , shud attend d dance prac at wdlds .
siaa ., paitao !
cant make it laa liao .
and im afraid dat dat dance crew
might kick me out huhh
hopefully NO laa kan .
hmm .. ~

im not in e good situation
in these past few days
bout my rs .
haix .
its hard foe me to believe in guys ANYMORE
dats my problem
mybe i've been dumbed many tymes bfore
and im sick of it
between me and him .,
its almost 2months since we've been tgther.
and yeah , i still cant believe him.
but, i salute his patience !
he got something dat make me cant leave him.
eventhough peeps always saying
bad things bout him, but i still love him.
do the figure, physically
affect the love and rs ?
foe NOW , i could say NO .
mybe peeps see him ,
he's bad foe me
and he's not meant to me
they say , imma good gerl and dont want me
to be a bad gerl when im wif him
and dowan me to be his ANOTHER 'toy's and 'victim'.

foe those who concern bout me ,
i appreciate dat .
and i think i know how to take care of myself OKAE ?
i will try not to as much as i can !

i feel lyke he got someone or maybe more than one
and i hope wad i feel is not true
evrytime i feel dat way .
i will says to myself dat
let it be , and just ask him, warn him
and if its true ,
just leave him and make my own way
and move on.
but, as long as the things is still not confirm,
i still make things lyke usual .
lyke nothing's happen .
and my frens always said dat ,
"no need to loyal to him if eu feel dat
he's cheating on eu ."
but foe me ,
as long as i dont have the proof ,
i wont do the same things .,
mingle arnd .
NO !
but, sometimes, i do have!
and , when , i think about it again ,
i feel lyke , i shudnt done dat.
i shud loyal to him .