Monday, June 21, 2010

i dont know why .

relationship ?
i just dunno wad to say bout dat .
been in relationship, but then , back to single .
i can say dat im not ready .
even , patch back wif the person dat i love ,
also i cant .
i dunno whye .
mcm dh takde prasaan gytu nk ade any relationship .
im lyke sick of it .
or mybe not the time yet .
and maybe because i dont even meet the right person yet.
i dunno . even me myself confused of it .
sometimes, i can say dat i dun feel any LOVE feelings .
whye? i also dunno .
lyke, i dun even know wad LOVE is all about .
sometimes, i happy and then i thought i've fallen in love,
but then , i feel nothing .
sometimes, when i like dat person , i thought, i love dat person ,
but then , i failed to feel dat LOVE .
confused enough !

now, i feel its better for me to just remain single .
and try to change to a better person .
try not to hurt other's feeling .
i believe in KARMA , and dats whye im scared of it .
im not choose to be like wad i am now .
im not choose to make people hate me .
and im not choose to hurt people's feelings .
i feel guilty for wad dat i've done .
but seriously , im confused of myself .

* anw, enjoyed the pics , eventhough just a few of it .

my grandmutherr ! mmuackss :)

oopsie . i know im boncheyt .* k diam !

heyy hii , at my lobby hotel . nice hotel . pacific regency, KL .

ice skating wif aunty and brother. at sunway piramid, KL .

while waiting for my brother buy tickets for skating .

2girls and a guy at Tganu ! Merang beach reasort .

model wannabe .. HAHA .. cannot be laa .. FAT laa liaoo .