Saturday, September 25, 2010


you make me love you even more
more than i ever expected
you're someone that i've been searching for
i cnt believe that u're the one !
spending my time with you ,
just like im spending my time in heaven .
* it just a metaphore *
i dun bear to say goodbye to you just now .
because im so in love with you .
we might be far away starts from now,
but the heart still stick together
but yea, study still the num 1,
which is, i've to focus on my study .
and , i think, i've done my very best in my prev test and etc .
still , im doin it now .
stdying :)
but not to forget , the love is still dere .
doesnt mean,
when we're stdying, we cant have someone .
as long as we know how to organize the time .
now is,
the question is why ..?
nehmind, wont think negative way !
i just loving him .
if anything happen in future ,
he still the one that make me feel
the REAL LOVE again ,
after 4years !
thankyou .
and also, thankyou for the sweet moment just now .
im enjoying myself with you .
your smile ease my mind .
and i think, i shud just see at ur smile
when im down ,
because ur smile make me forget all my problem .
im just being prepare for anything that could happen .
hmm ..
the fear is always dere ..
hope evrything is going well ..