Friday, October 1, 2010

happy :))

all i need is YOU !

u r sucha great guy ever .

i wont ask more from u ,

because u're way2 better than i ever expected .

days that i've been thru wif u ,

is sucha wonderful day .

i love the way u are BABY .

sometimes, im being PARANOID,

but, u know what should u do to make me calm ,

and trust u .

every single word, every single thing that u said and did,

make me love u evenmore .

u just need to sit in front of me,

see straight into my eyes,

show me ur smile,

and say those 3 words,

and i'll be the happiest person ever in this world .

ur words is like magical words, spelt,

that make me LOVE YOU damnn mUCH!

thankss syg :))

i appreciate all things dat u've done ,

to make me HAPPY with uu .

u bring me to one place ,

where I could say,

the wonderful place .

watching the fireworks, the calmness, the wind and etc ..

u make my day syg .

and yeah, i treasure u so much too syg ..

u're my only one !