Monday, October 4, 2010

on the phone :)

today, he sing lots of songs for me .
and he sounds so romantic .
i love the way he tackle me with his cute attitude .
u have what i need in a guy !
i addicted to you
you're my drug , and i love it .
you teach me to be a better person.
and, i can see that u're trying ur very best to convince me .
convince me bout ur love .
but still , i want you to do it urself ,
without i mention about it .
true love , thats wad im waiting for all this while .
prove to me that u have that true love for me .
dont just SAY it ok ?
i trust you ,
but , dont ever make me doubt ur love .
and, please stop under estimate urself ,
by saying im not love you ,
and i will go away and leave you .
You know that I WONT ryte ?
because im IN LOVE with you .
dont doubt my LOVE ,
and if u do,
just see straight into my eyes ,
and let my eyes talking ,
what's inside my heart !
because there's no word ,
to describe how deep my love for you .
especially those smiles that make me HAPPY :)
thankyouu soo much !
the world seems so wonderful when u're with me .
its like, dere's no one in this world .
everywhere i go,
u're still in my mind and heart !
eventhough we're far apart ,
but, remember that my heart is YOURS .
today, i caught myself smiling for no reason,
and then i realized, i was thinking about you .
I like the dreams of the future than the history of the past,
and the dreams is about you and me !
love is always be there for you .