Monday, October 11, 2010

as you wish :)

its me again , Ezra :)

updating blog like usual .

its been a week since i never update my blog .

nehmind , now ere i am , updating it ~

well, these past few days ,

there's lots of things happened .

bad, good, happy, sad and etc .

that's call LIFE right .

got upsidedown .

so yeaa .

baby just now text me ,

and his words make me smile and love him even more .

even there's a lot of arguement between us ,

he still be patience with me .

dont you guys ever heard about ,

" if you cant accept me at my worst,u dont deserve me at my best "

but, as for him , he can accept me at my worst,

and thats why he deserve me at my best .


i salute him by being patience with me .

for the one that just knowing you not even a month and etc ,

but, know how to handle u at ur worst ,

means, he's someone to look at and to be respect,

because he got that ability to undertsand you .

and , THATS THE HARDEST PART to find that type of person :)

but, he's that type of person .

and im just loving it

and i just love you every second, and on every breath that I take


you're my everything