Saturday, October 23, 2010


maybe my love is not strong enough for you .
maybe my love dun even convinced you yet .
am I too forcing u ?
am I showing too much love ?
should I just stop all this ?
u tell me !
I keep on asking the same question in my mind .
And there is too much answers .
I think, it is time for you to answer me .
I can't denied that I love you the most .
Yes ! Peoples wanna get to know me closer ,
and sound stead .
But, I said No .. because of you !
And you keep on saying that ,
" U hot seh, ramai suke kat you, minat at you ! "
but, the only thing that keep playing in my head is ,
I hope all these people is YOU !
yesterday outing with you ,
im having so much fun .
playing guitar , u teach me how to play guitar ,
some facial session , talking crap, laughing, picnic ..
yes, i do enjoy it .
waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting !
then, there's nothing .
stupid enough by hoping for that words to be saying by him .
On the first place,
I should know that I meant nothing for him ,
right ?
I hope we can be a last long FRIEND ,
okay !
I promise that I wouldn't ask for more .
I understand ~
1 thing that I've been thinking is ,
you still LOVE ur ex .
is it ?
And thats why ,
I know that i shouldn't ask for me .
3 years , I know its hard for you to forget her,
and fall for other .
then , ookay .
i faham .
yes, i do ~
anyway, thankyou !