Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still Wondering WHY !

I'm happy with my life now . But somehow , I feel like there's few people that don't even happy to see me happy . I don't know . Maybe I'm being too sensitive .

If you're someone that close to me , just support me on whatever I do eventhough you know that I'm in a wrong place , wrong time ! Talk to me , confess to me and tell me everything just to fix everything .

I'm happy to be with that someone , but , I'm not happy when my closest person don't like that someone .

It hurts me when I have to choose either one . Sometimes, I just wanna be a selfish person like soo much . As long as I'm happy , heck care about others . But , I just can't ! My people is my everything . But why they don't think the same way ?

I do feel like I don't have anyone when everyone against me in whatever I do . I'm all alone , talking to the moon , talking to myself , talking to my own heart .

Why I have to face this when I'm all happy but end-up been cut by someone that used to very close to me .

I just don't know what should I say anymore . What I know is , I just wanna live my life the way I want it to be with someone that I love . You can against us , but you can never will break the bond that have been bonded .