Saturday, April 23, 2011

A new leaf

A new day , a new life , a new leaf .

Sometimes, we tot we've met with someone that truly love us.
Sometimes, we tot that we've met our true love.
Sometimes, we tot we've made a brilliant decisions in our life.
Sometimes, we tot that we're good enough to just ignore everything.
Sometimes, we tot that we're right when actually we're not.

To trust people so fast, is a BIG NO!
There's lots of HYPOCRITE peoples out there

They might look or act like an angle in front of you ,
but, I bet there's lots of peoples like this
totally changed to an evil when they're behind you.
Friends&Family always remind me that,
Don't ever judge the one that you know, so FAST !
after 6 months, then you can make a decision,
either you want him/her or not.

It's very easy to love people like click on LIKE on Facebook,
to forget people that we love is not as easy like click on UNLIKE on Facebook.

Make your tears the most expensive things in the world.
Don't ever waste it for someone that don't even deserve it.
We have right to choose who deserve our tears.
Who the hell are those people to deserve your tears,
while they're happy when they just simply make a fool of us.
Chin up babes, they don't deserved it.

Lots of statuses on Facebook lately,
being updated about how frustrated they're with their LOVE story.
(same goes to me maybe)
But, hey! Now, I realized that, if the one that we LOVE,
returned this damn after LOVE that we gave them,
might as well just said this,
"WTF, I ain't no toys for you to play!"
Get it CLEAR.
I'm so pissed off with all this lah.
Don't give me that damn innocent face when actually,
you're act like a demon! LOL No offense.
Don't take it seriously if you're not the one.

HAHA okay fellow.