Monday, May 9, 2011

7th monthsary ♥

*my current HP wallpaper !

well, harini dh masuk 10th May 2011. sedar tak sedar, dh masuk 7bulan dh dengan RAHMAN RAHIM. been upside down. macammacam cerita ada . sad, happy, hilarious, tragic and etc. that's what we called LIFE kan? without all those things, life wouldn't be colourful ! :) today's entry, I'm posting this to say my s
orry to babyLove

from the first day I
'm knowing him ,
he's being sucha n
ice guy and understandable person EVER .
I know that I'm being so mean towards him .
But he will patiently handling it.
At one point,
I'm talking to myself,
Why I keep him abandoned while actu
he's being more
than perfect.

Tell me that
I'm stupid,
tell me that I'm blind,
tell me that I'm selfish,
tell me that I don't appreciate,
tell me that I am
those bad things because not valuing you.

I admit that I've made tonnes of mistakes towards you.
I've made a bigges
t mistake by leaving you.
Regret, that one word that describe everything that I've done.

You called me eve
ry single sec,
you texted me every single time,
you care about me all the time,
but, I'm being mean by saying, "don't disturb me" .
My fault ! I know
that sayang. and I'm sorry !

it's my turn to make your life happier with me.
it's time for me to make you feel loved.
it's time for me to make you the happiest person in the world.
it's time for me t
o pay back your love babyLove

I'll be your perfect lover eternally

I will make your life better than before.
I'll be a better GF for you.
I'll be with you at any giventime!

Today, 10th May 2011,
I'm wishing you and
me, both of us,
Happy 7th Monthsary Sayang

I'll be yours forever !