Friday, April 22, 2011

Easy come , easy go !

Once again ,
I've been attacked exactly the same crisis like my past .
You will never know how HURT it could be .
But based on my past experience ,
I become stronger ( I guess so ), in facing all those things .
Cinta tak semestinya memiliki , am I right ?
But LOVE , is when ,
You're happy as long as the one that you LOVE happy ,
eventhough you're not part of it .
No matter how hurt our heart ,
but to see their SMILE with their love one ,
would heal everything .

You see me smile , laugh , like there's nothing happen ,
it's because you're still in my heart and I'm happy ,
eventhough I know I'm not in your heart anymore .
At first , you keep me hanging !
Then , I keep on asking you the same questions ,
until you answer me.
" cause of some reasons. and one of them is I'm in love with someone else "
ouch, It hurts !
maturely, I have to accept it !
maybe she's wayy better than me and she deserve the best .
and whatever it is ,
I will never HATE him because that's my PROMISE !

I will just keep the distance between me and him .
I will try my best not to interfere in his life anymore .
I think , that's what he want, since he got his LOVE back ,
that is , his EX-GIRLFRIEND !

I will always pray for the best for him .
he deserves the best because he is the best !

capital F , it's for you .
Eventhough I know you will never read this .
Nevermind .
Bear in mind that you're still in my heart .