Sunday, August 21, 2011


The promise that you have made with me. And, Alhamdulillah, you stick to it!

Thank you soo much for being there for me all the time.
I'm so thankful that Allah gave you to me.

No matter how mad I am towards you,
how you make me turn crazy when it comes to your prangai,
I still can't leave you. The chemistry that we had together,
especially the love that you gave me.
you're the person that can make me extremely ANGRY,
but, in a split second, you can make me turn to extremely LOVING.

I can't bear to mad at you.
Kalau you make me angry pun, kejap jea..
Ingat tak, you did told me that, "I suka bila u marah I, u lepaskan geram you kat I, pastu, you terus minta maaf and you jadi sweet sangat."
Okay, now u tell me, mcm mane I tak jatuh hati kat youu sayang.
You take a very good care of me Dear.

Ingat tak, mase I dtg BP, I marah-2 you,
sampaikan, I dh taktahu mcm mane nak lepaskan marah and geram I,
I nangis! For the very 1st time I nangis sebab I geram and marah sgt-2!
Promise me to not do it AGAIN okayyy! Sedihh tauu. :(

Hmm, nak cakap jugak, thanks sebab youu dh byk SABAR dgn prangai I. Byk SANGAT-2!
Kadang-2 I'm asking to myself, Apa laa yang you nampak kat I ni, smpaikan you syg sgt kat I,
until you have to TAHAN dgn all my merepek'ness! Thanks SAYANG.

Sayang, no matter how many times I thanked you, it won't enough! It's too much Sayang.
You gave me variety of feelings when I'm with you.
Which is, I LOVE IT.
Nak admit something, I suka marah you, SEBAB, saya suka tengok awak mrajuk,
dan, buat muka comel minta kena cubit!

Alaaaa, senang cakap,
SAYA SEDANG DILAMUN CINTA, and orang yg saya cintai itu adalah AWAK, Rahman Rahim!

Terima Kasih Sayang atas segalanya! LOVEawak.

Izra Nadia.