Monday, May 3, 2010

the end !

between me and Apiz ,
dere's nomore Us .
dere's ONLY ME .

080310 - 020510

lost in r/s AGAIN huhh ?
siakk .

nvm !
dowanna have any r/s foe now
bcause i got to further stdy .
univ ..
so , i cant even commit in r/s .
bcause i have to stdy hard
and mybe if im att ,
it will be hard
and cant meet him .
once in 6months
siakk ,,..
cannot leii

good foe Apiz too .
mybe im just burden foe him.
he have to call me ,
he's in Spore , im JB .
if he gotta call , international call .
rabak pehh dye peyhh bill nnti ..

and , he will no longer have to call me,
and payy bill yg melambong lagikk after tis.
and he will not suffer foe not meeting me foe monthss .

its foe our own good laa .

hmm ..
thinking of him
but yeahh , ntg more dat i can do .

im asking foe breakup wif him 2days back.
bcause of some reasons .
no need to elaborate more .
and yeahh .
dats the best i think .


*signing out !