Sunday, May 30, 2010

i admit !

i admit dat i love eu .
but, sometimes , i think i shud just not saying those words
dat is LOVE .
bcs sometimes , mybe i think , me myself , dun even know wad LOVE means .
idk .
and yeahh .. i LIKE eu .
and i want eu to be mine .
but, as eu know, i would be away from eu.
and, it might be hard for both of us .
bcs of dat,
i decided to just hold my feelings .
and i think eu deserves someone else .
someone else dat cn make eu happy .
happier whenever eu're wif me .
frankly speaking, i dun even see our future tgther .

its hard for me to say LOVE anymore.
and evrytime guys said I LOVE YOU ,
i just sigh'ing =.=''
its hard for me to believe in guy's word.
it takes time for me to believe in guys again .
mybe i cn easily fall in love wif guys,
but., im not dat type of girl dat eu cn simply be fooled .
guys sometimes, not all of guys , but most of it,
always take us ( girls ) for granted .
huhhh .. if only guys cn gv me an honest answ !
you might see me SMILING, LAUGHING ,
but, deeply inside my heart, do peoples know ?
its a big NO !

! LOVE !
might be a simplest word to say !
but the hardest word to explore the meanings .
and the word dat cn make us HAPPY .
and the word dat cn make us HURT .
the word dat cn make people hate each other .
the word dat cn kills many lives .
and etc.
dats the power of LOVE word !


*signing OUT !