Tuesday, May 25, 2010

shit happen !

whye eu did tis to me ?
convince me bout ur love twards me ,
then , when im falling in love wif eu ,
eu just walk away ,
and just ignore me !

im trying so hard not to fall in love anymore ,
but , eu convince me wif ur words .
whyee i shud trust eu ?
sedangkan , eu never tell me the truth !
im regret of knowing eu .
if i know tis is wad dat probably happen ,
i wont say those LOVE words to eu .
bcause eu never appreciate it .
i told eu , dat my weakness is easily falling in love ,
and eu just said , its okae , bcs i love eu too !
just hush okae ?
eu will never mean evrything eu said to me ~
lying is ur NUMERO UNO !
haix .

whyee i always feel this way ?
is dere anybody dat TRULY and HONESTLY loving me ?
haix !
how i wish MUSLIM could allow SUICIDE .
siak ~
im lost ryte now when im thinking bout myself .
im toooooo stupid foe believing him .
and yeah , eu're sooooooo KNNBCB when eu cn easily lying to me and make me fall for eu .

congrats to eu .
just take note ,
wad goes arnd comes arnd !

*fadeup of tis lyfe !