Thursday, May 6, 2010

thinking ~

yest cant sleep ! fikiran about someone .
someone dat saying he will wait foe me no matter wad .
see his profile and see his status, and dere's " my heart get stolen "
hmm .. happy foe him ... but yeah , deeply, NOPE !
i cant sleep when i think back bout our memories .
talking , smiling , talking crappy thinggs , argue'ing , irrits one anther ..
haixx . i miss those moments .

things dat make us separate and start far from each other is when im att .
yeah, i know dat i love him more . but, when he always like gv me excuses ,
when i ask him to show me the proves dat eu love me .
then , he said , WAIT WAIT WAIT and WAIT !
and, from dat i know dat he's not being serious wif me .
and i decided to choose another guy dat wanna stead wif me .

and yeah, after dat baru kao nk dtg kat aquhh,
and ask me to leave my BF, bcause eu want me .
i refused to . bcause i love my BF .
but now, im sgle ..
where are eu ??
GONE wif ur new LOVE ?

whatever it is , i hope eu'll find ur happiness wif her .
i wish eu all d best and goodluck .
i know who i am foe eu .
im NOBODY compare to her in ur heart ryte ?
noproblem yaw .

*smiling lyke dere's ntg happen ,
laughing to hide my sadness ,
dancing to forget bout anything .,
DRINK ? dont make me done dat .
siakkk .. wad i was thinking .. ~

*signing out ~