Wednesday, October 27, 2010


just done my first paper today .
alhamdulillah ~
everything's going well .
next paper is on friday .
gotta study hard , eh no !
study SMART !
" break a pencil "
haha ~
i will remember that phrase .
life been okay .
happy with friendss and family that always be there for me .
supports and advises ~
i appreciate it .
will hold on ur words LOVES ~
day by day ,
im getting better .
when it comes to final exam ,
i feel lyke,
i like studying !
haha ..
because when it was last minute revision ,
everything that before this ,
i dont even know what it is and hate it ,
make me LOVE it .
haha ..
the power of exam huhh?
whatever laa .. hee :D
i think, im getting bigger .
gaining weight .
these past few days,
i ate alot ~
pheuwwww .
and gotta start diet again ~
thats a MUST !
hee :D
oklaaa ..
gtg ~
study time !!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


maybe my love is not strong enough for you .
maybe my love dun even convinced you yet .
am I too forcing u ?
am I showing too much love ?
should I just stop all this ?
u tell me !
I keep on asking the same question in my mind .
And there is too much answers .
I think, it is time for you to answer me .
I can't denied that I love you the most .
Yes ! Peoples wanna get to know me closer ,
and sound stead .
But, I said No .. because of you !
And you keep on saying that ,
" U hot seh, ramai suke kat you, minat at you ! "
but, the only thing that keep playing in my head is ,
I hope all these people is YOU !
yesterday outing with you ,
im having so much fun .
playing guitar , u teach me how to play guitar ,
some facial session , talking crap, laughing, picnic ..
yes, i do enjoy it .
waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting !
then, there's nothing .
stupid enough by hoping for that words to be saying by him .
On the first place,
I should know that I meant nothing for him ,
right ?
I hope we can be a last long FRIEND ,
okay !
I promise that I wouldn't ask for more .
I understand ~
1 thing that I've been thinking is ,
you still LOVE ur ex .
is it ?
And thats why ,
I know that i shouldn't ask for me .
3 years , I know its hard for you to forget her,
and fall for other .
then , ookay .
i faham .
yes, i do ~
anyway, thankyou !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LOL =.=''

ouhhhh .
yess ? got problem huh people ?

duhhhh =.='' lifeless people .

talk to the hand !

duhhh ! go away ~
dont obviously show ur attitude at my blog laa eh .
i dun need those attitude HERE eh .
rejected stuff , abeh nk bising2 pat sini ?
takde life eh korg .
haisss ..
takde care laa ni people .
nk ckp, show ur face laa ~
alamakkk !

Monday, October 11, 2010

as you wish :)

its me again , Ezra :)

updating blog like usual .

its been a week since i never update my blog .

nehmind , now ere i am , updating it ~

well, these past few days ,

there's lots of things happened .

bad, good, happy, sad and etc .

that's call LIFE right .

got upsidedown .

so yeaa .

baby just now text me ,

and his words make me smile and love him even more .

even there's a lot of arguement between us ,

he still be patience with me .

dont you guys ever heard about ,

" if you cant accept me at my worst,u dont deserve me at my best "

but, as for him , he can accept me at my worst,

and thats why he deserve me at my best .


i salute him by being patience with me .

for the one that just knowing you not even a month and etc ,

but, know how to handle u at ur worst ,

means, he's someone to look at and to be respect,

because he got that ability to undertsand you .

and , THATS THE HARDEST PART to find that type of person :)

but, he's that type of person .

and im just loving it

and i just love you every second, and on every breath that I take


you're my everything


Monday, October 4, 2010

on the phone :)

today, he sing lots of songs for me .
and he sounds so romantic .
i love the way he tackle me with his cute attitude .
u have what i need in a guy !
i addicted to you
you're my drug , and i love it .
you teach me to be a better person.
and, i can see that u're trying ur very best to convince me .
convince me bout ur love .
but still , i want you to do it urself ,
without i mention about it .
true love , thats wad im waiting for all this while .
prove to me that u have that true love for me .
dont just SAY it ok ?
i trust you ,
but , dont ever make me doubt ur love .
and, please stop under estimate urself ,
by saying im not love you ,
and i will go away and leave you .
You know that I WONT ryte ?
because im IN LOVE with you .
dont doubt my LOVE ,
and if u do,
just see straight into my eyes ,
and let my eyes talking ,
what's inside my heart !
because there's no word ,
to describe how deep my love for you .
especially those smiles that make me HAPPY :)
thankyouu soo much !
the world seems so wonderful when u're with me .
its like, dere's no one in this world .
everywhere i go,
u're still in my mind and heart !
eventhough we're far apart ,
but, remember that my heart is YOURS .
today, i caught myself smiling for no reason,
and then i realized, i was thinking about you .
I like the dreams of the future than the history of the past,
and the dreams is about you and me !
love is always be there for you .

Sunday, October 3, 2010

waiting .

hello people :)
well, updating blog again today .
like i used to before .
currently, have to study for the final exam .
so yeah,
have a sneak break .
end up, updating blog !
wish me luck in my final exam oke peoples :)

afraid of waiting for something .
hm, well, happy with him .
treasure him so much .
enjoying myself whenever im with him .
eventhough we're so far away .
but the heart is still dere ,
stick together !
change to be a better partner for him ,
try to make him happy whenever he's with me .
try to understand him .
try not to be sooo PARANOID ,
have to trust him .
give him so much love ,
to make him feel loved and special .
love him like i never love other guys before,
its like he's the first .
and hope he's the last .
well , we're sharing a same attitude ,
almost everything r the same .
thats why,
we know each other's feeling's so well .
but, he's the best when it comes to calm me .
well , over all ,
thats why im here to LOVE you,
to CARE bout you,
to WORRY bout you,
to BE THERE for you ,
to PAMPER you ,
to WIPE ur tears ,
to make you HAPPY and SMILE ,
to make you THE HAPPIEST PERSON in the whole wide world .

anyway, currenltly,
been worried bout my adeq,
she's not doin very well nowadays,
hospitalized and etc .
aww, im so gonna go back Johor to meet her .
i miss my MAMA also ..
nevermind, next week or next 2 week,
i will be back to johor .
I dont care bout the classes .
i wanna meet my mama and adik2 first ..
wait for me JOHOR,
i'll be back soon ..

anw, thats all .

happy reading ALL~

much LOVE .


Saturday, October 2, 2010

boring time !

just doin ntg ..
so yeah,
webby time !!
anw, lazy to update more
just wanna say this ,

anw, enjoy the pics peoplee ~

Friday, October 1, 2010

happy :))

all i need is YOU !

u r sucha great guy ever .

i wont ask more from u ,

because u're way2 better than i ever expected .

days that i've been thru wif u ,

is sucha wonderful day .

i love the way u are BABY .

sometimes, im being PARANOID,

but, u know what should u do to make me calm ,

and trust u .

every single word, every single thing that u said and did,

make me love u evenmore .

u just need to sit in front of me,

see straight into my eyes,

show me ur smile,

and say those 3 words,

and i'll be the happiest person ever in this world .

ur words is like magical words, spelt,

that make me LOVE YOU damnn mUCH!

thankss syg :))

i appreciate all things dat u've done ,

to make me HAPPY with uu .

u bring me to one place ,

where I could say,

the wonderful place .

watching the fireworks, the calmness, the wind and etc ..

u make my day syg .

and yeah, i treasure u so much too syg ..

u're my only one !