Monday, August 23, 2010


three words that i've been thinking all this while .
I dont know why ur name stucked in my mind.
I know you dont want me,
but, please .. stand where uu are now .
be there and please dont go away .
loving uu is more than enough for me .
I dont know why Im so emo bout this .
its all about uu .
i think im deeply in love with uu ,
more than the last tyme .
The more i tried to get uu ,
the more uu avoiding urself from me .
Did uu know how hurts it feel ?
I dont even care bout others .
I only want YOU. M.S.R !
why cant you accept me ?
why ?
Am I not good enough for you ?
or is it because of the distance between us ?
or uu just wont accept me again ?
pls . dun gv me hope ,
by saying , kalau jodoh, there will always be .
pls .. dun make me put on hope on uu .
once uu said, uu wont accept me again ,
okayy, i will walk slowly ..
as i know, uu wont accept me .
every seconds that i've been through these past few days,
i've been thinking of uu all the tyme .
I know uu wont care .
Broken hearted !
is that wad meant for me ?
why i keep on been broken hearted ?
everytime i text uu ,
i've been waiting for ur reply .
i keep on checking my phone as if there a reply from u .
everytime uu reply my text,
im superb happy .
eventhough ur reply just 3 or 4 words.
its enough to make me smile .
Sometimes, i've pretend to be so happy with uu,
and crack a crap with uu,
just to make uu okay with me without any pressure .
its bcause everytime i told uu bout all this,
uu just remain silent .
i want uu to repply my text,
and keep on talking to uu ,
thats why sometimes, i just crying inside my heart.
as you cn see im smiling, just to hide all that.
by the time i webby with uu,
i just feel lyke wanna cry .
even now, i feel lyke crying .
i want uu to hold my hand lyke uu used to bfore.
see straight into my eyes,
and saying uu love me.
i LOVE that soo much .
uu pampered me damn much .
i miss ur everything .
ur everything !
i miss you M.S.R.
uu might be irrits by me .
but, i wont tired to get uu back in my hug !
i will keep on hunting uu till uu said,
u wont accept me !!
im ready to accept anything that come out from ur mouth.
and i also ready to be broken once again .
for me, im glad because u're the one that broke my heart .
because my LOVE is just for you .
so, i will always LOVE uu no matter what !
* thinking of you by katy perry!
song for you , M.S.R. :'(
M.S.R .. my LOVE just for uu !