Friday, August 27, 2010


move on is what that i should do .

its been sometime since im waiting for him .

broken hearted, broken hearted and just another broken hearted !

that is what i feel when he just ignore me .

i dont ask much from uu .

just a piece of heart of uu for me .

i've been trying too much .

until at one time ,

i think i should just move on .

bcause there is no point waiting for uu ,

while uu just dont care as im invisible for uu .

uu dont know how it feel to be in my shoe .

got this one guy ,

motivate me, inspire me with his words .

he dont want me to make a mistake lyke he did .

waiting for someone that obviously wont accept us .

so, his advise, move on !

as he dont want me to get hurt summore .

one thing that make me more hurt is when

all of my friends ask me who is M.S.R. ?

and they did say that ,

Im truly in love with uu ..

but, why uu cant see that M.S.R. ?

whye ?

i think i should just stop .

but , u still own my heart ..