Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 Weeks to go for Final Exam

Today, 21st of February, it means, the final exam is just around the corner. Hellyeah that I am superb excited! After 3 years, finally, this is what I'm waiting for, end of Diploma. Talking about Diploma, oh, surely I will miss those moments. Those ups and downs! Those people that lighten up my day and my life. 

Diploma is where I met various kind of people, in term of good and bad. Like seriously, friends build what we are now. If we make friend with the right person, then, we will be a better person and vice versa. As an accounting student at UiTM, to be frank, I'm proud because accounts is not an easy subject and I'm still here and now I'm Semester 6 of Account Information System Student. 

At first, when I get to know that I got further my study in UiTM PLUS in accounts, first thing that cross my mind is, "Mama must be proud of me." and yeah, when I told Mama that i get account in UiTM, she's so happy. Never is more wonderful than seeing our parents proud of our achievement and proud of us, isn't it?

Okay, now, I'm still puzzling about what should I do after I grad, either to work or further my degree. My CGPA to be frank is not as brilliant as other students in my batch, and that's what I scared of. In Degree, I don't have many choices. Bachelor in Account is the only hope! Wish me luck on that. I just wish I got place in Bachelor in Accounts. I believe in second chance and nothing is impossible! Stay optimist ;)