Monday, January 14, 2013

Cinta ini membunuhku


tak tahu nak mula daripada mana. Raa sekarang tengah down gila and sorry if I let go everything here.

Okay, Raa tak tahu nak start daripada mana. Bismillah! Okay, sekarang Raa tengah buntu sangat dengan life raa which is I feel so lost, no where to go. Kiri kanan semua raa pergi, raa terbayangkan dia. Si dia yang raa tak pernah kongsi pun kat blog before this. 

I love this one boy which is I wish I never let him go just like that. Seriously, I'm in love and yet I'm being so stupid by letting him go without any reasonable excuse! Yes, I'm stupid enough by doing that. And now, baru raa rasa sangat sangat sangat menyesal and I don't know what should I do. 

Raa satu tempat belajar dengan dia. He's in part 5 and I'm in part 6 but kitorg sebaya. He's taking Insurance and I'm taking Account. We get to know each other from BBM which is he added me first, and from whom, I've got no idea in mind at all. Coincidentally, he looks like one of my ex and it makes me feel curious to get to know him even more. As time goes by, I fall for him as he's being freaking sweet and I'm loving it. One day, he confess to me that he likes me. And, yeah, I like him to for sure. Then, dipendekkan cerita, kitorang couple and it didn't last long. Semua salah Raa which is I'm being superb paranoid and nonsense! I'm SORRY MN! 

Until now, I'm loving him and how I wish I can getback with him and how I wish I can get my love back which is him. For you MN, you might not know about this post, well, I guarantee that you don't even know about this blog anyway, but, here, I'm stating the FACT , that I love you and will always waiting for you, no matter how far you went away from my life, no matter how you ignore me, no matter how hate you are towards me, I will always loving you and waiting for you like a DUMB! I'm sorry. 

I just wish I can get that ONLY ONE CHANCE, to prove to you my love and I will take care of you and this love and us. I just wish of that ONE CHANCE! Just ONE CHANCE. 

*Praying for us*

I love you, MN. 

Sincerely, IN.