Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GunungLedang - memories .

ere d close up foe hym.
Meet tis guy , he's Endy .. my ex laa kan ..
He's my aunt peh adek ipar ..
so lyke , our relationship is abit complicated ..
and yeah , he's one of my LOVE laa kann ..
till when ? idk ehh .. complicated to tell ..
and yeahh , i miss those moments
when we (me and Nd) treasure Gunung Ledang tgther..
funn .. he got so many knowledges
bout d plants, and evrythings bout nature .
im impressed ! haha .. (:
hahaha .. pose step tis Gunung Ledang dier peh ehh ..
hahah .. (:
but yeah, love tis pics .
love d wonderful views of it .
oke so TAKPERLU ..
hahah ..
credits to ENDY foe taking tis pics .
love d views lahh liaoo .
HANG BUAH not hang tuah ehh ..
tis is d title dat i gave to hym.
ryte after my aunt took tis pics .
step hang tuah sia ..
saappp , skalii kena HANG BUAH .
jangan marahh ehh ABG BOYY ..
hahah ..

im very in love wif tis pic ..
how i wish i can make hym b mine AGAIN .
aiiyyya .. but , nvm .. he'll be my beloved brother laa kn .
oke FAKE .
i still love hym laa wayy .
but yeah ..
ntg dat i can do wif it .
d loving couple .
hope ur marriage will last long haa .
MAKSU and ABG BOY (pakcu)
hahah .(:
p/s : dont owes yelling at each other luhh wayy .. be nice to each other haa .. she's ur wyfe , he's ur husband.! take note haa my beloved aunt and uncle .
evryone's tired .. haha (:
and im snap'ing pics of them .
my aunt showing her butt ..
aiyya ~ hee (:

d starting of d journey .
my aunt, hahah , semangat !
but then , half way dh surrender ..
to her : after tis kite daki gunung laen ehh .. having fun lagikk ..
hee (: always do miss those momentss luhh wayy !
hmm .. d thingss dat i wanna share about is can sayy , almost ALL , is about Endy.
i know dat i shouldn't talk , write abot hym since im attached .
but , tis is just a story of my life.
and yeah , Endy is so called , d one dat i love d most laa kan ..
and yeah, i admit dat im still .
he? idk !
and all d tyme dat we've spent on tis trip ,
makes me want hym back.
but, i know dat he dont want it !
and yeah .
i have to let he GO ..
If you LOVE someone set them FREE.
If they RETURN to you, they are YOURS FOREVER.
If not, they were NEVER MEANT to be YOURS
in the first place.

thats wad i stand foe !
but , i do love my life now .
wif Apul .
but , sometymes , thingss not alwayss be good and perfect .
so do me and hym .
idk how long do our relationship will last foe .
and i just let it flow by itself .
hate to write tis , but , im more to Nd ryte now .
foe myBaby Apul,
dont worry okae syg.
i will owes b wif eu.
as long as eu want me to.
and yeah., just let we do our best in relationship okae .
bcause , im sick of LOVEs gamesss .
whatever it is,
lyfe must go on
either we love it or not.
dats all foe now .
byebye ol , WAVING HAND ~