Saturday, August 28, 2010


im still here ..
standing strong ..
just go on spamming ..
i wont entertain ..
ok , i take those wad spammers said ,
and improving myself .
im doin this bcause of my mum .
i wanna take a very good care of her name ,
and also her heart ..
because i know, how she felt ..
and yea ,
however bad i am , she still support me ,
and still be therem advising me ..,
and guide me in a goodway .,
to be a better person ..
and the more nicer she talk to me,
the more i felt guilty and yeah ,
i will just follow whatever she want me to ,
im here, writing all about me .
if uu dont wanna read,
or i might be a worst person in this world,
strictly said, DONT HAVE TO READ MY BLOG !
thankyou !
because i never ask uu to do so .. !

Friday, August 27, 2010


move on is what that i should do .

its been sometime since im waiting for him .

broken hearted, broken hearted and just another broken hearted !

that is what i feel when he just ignore me .

i dont ask much from uu .

just a piece of heart of uu for me .

i've been trying too much .

until at one time ,

i think i should just move on .

bcause there is no point waiting for uu ,

while uu just dont care as im invisible for uu .

uu dont know how it feel to be in my shoe .

got this one guy ,

motivate me, inspire me with his words .

he dont want me to make a mistake lyke he did .

waiting for someone that obviously wont accept us .

so, his advise, move on !

as he dont want me to get hurt summore .

one thing that make me more hurt is when

all of my friends ask me who is M.S.R. ?

and they did say that ,

Im truly in love with uu ..

but, why uu cant see that M.S.R. ?

whye ?

i think i should just stop .

but , u still own my heart ..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


dats my reaction when i saw,
my bff tagged M.S.R. in a vid from a7x .
I dunno wad to sayy .
my whole body is shacking .
my tears feel like wanna tears down .
my head BLANK !
wanna pick a phone and call my fren,
i dont have her num .
i wanted to text M.S.R.,
but i refused ,
because i think my text might irrits hym .
I dunno wad should i do .
I wanted to cry,
as Im afraid he might fall for my own bff .
when a girl and a boy sharing a same interest,
it might make them closer,
and last2, they're together .
Oh God, I cant think anything for now.
im just afraid that he will go for other girl .
im hoping for him to accept me .
should I give up ?
shouldnt I ?
pls gv me a chance !

Monday, August 23, 2010


three words that i've been thinking all this while .
I dont know why ur name stucked in my mind.
I know you dont want me,
but, please .. stand where uu are now .
be there and please dont go away .
loving uu is more than enough for me .
I dont know why Im so emo bout this .
its all about uu .
i think im deeply in love with uu ,
more than the last tyme .
The more i tried to get uu ,
the more uu avoiding urself from me .
Did uu know how hurts it feel ?
I dont even care bout others .
I only want YOU. M.S.R !
why cant you accept me ?
why ?
Am I not good enough for you ?
or is it because of the distance between us ?
or uu just wont accept me again ?
pls . dun gv me hope ,
by saying , kalau jodoh, there will always be .
pls .. dun make me put on hope on uu .
once uu said, uu wont accept me again ,
okayy, i will walk slowly ..
as i know, uu wont accept me .
every seconds that i've been through these past few days,
i've been thinking of uu all the tyme .
I know uu wont care .
Broken hearted !
is that wad meant for me ?
why i keep on been broken hearted ?
everytime i text uu ,
i've been waiting for ur reply .
i keep on checking my phone as if there a reply from u .
everytime uu reply my text,
im superb happy .
eventhough ur reply just 3 or 4 words.
its enough to make me smile .
Sometimes, i've pretend to be so happy with uu,
and crack a crap with uu,
just to make uu okay with me without any pressure .
its bcause everytime i told uu bout all this,
uu just remain silent .
i want uu to repply my text,
and keep on talking to uu ,
thats why sometimes, i just crying inside my heart.
as you cn see im smiling, just to hide all that.
by the time i webby with uu,
i just feel lyke wanna cry .
even now, i feel lyke crying .
i want uu to hold my hand lyke uu used to bfore.
see straight into my eyes,
and saying uu love me.
i LOVE that soo much .
uu pampered me damn much .
i miss ur everything .
ur everything !
i miss you M.S.R.
uu might be irrits by me .
but, i wont tired to get uu back in my hug !
i will keep on hunting uu till uu said,
u wont accept me !!
im ready to accept anything that come out from ur mouth.
and i also ready to be broken once again .
for me, im glad because u're the one that broke my heart .
because my LOVE is just for you .
so, i will always LOVE uu no matter what !
* thinking of you by katy perry!
song for you , M.S.R. :'(
M.S.R .. my LOVE just for uu !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

test ~

just now, having first test of FAR, business accounting !
wahh . its quite challenging .
its actually, confusing .
and yest, i dont even wakeup for sahur ,
everything seems to be upsidedown tdayy .
seems lyke everything lyke MESSY !
wake up late, forget dat tday is friday and shud wear bajukurung.
forget to bring matrix card, forget dat tdy got test,.
why huhh ?
nvm laa .
tmr, got AIS130 test., computering.
there's lots to read .
i hate reading.
but yeahh .. HAVE TO !
yesterday, mama came malacca.
berbuka wif mama !
aww, loving it .
we ate nasi ayam penyet ~ syiokkk !
kenyangg oii ..
ouh, im lyke gaining weight .
wuttaa , shud losing weight ryte .?
haha .. 2weeks left bfore hols .
i loike ..
mood : missing JB soo much .. home sweet home
looking forward to buka with frens and familyy .!
okelaa ..

Monday, August 16, 2010


i miss you damn much .
uu know wad, now im listening to Untukmu Ibu by Aeman .
It reminds me of uu Mama .
U're the greatest for me Mama ..
Now, when im far from uu ,
not by ur side lyke usual,
makes me miss uu damn much .
i miss when the time uu manje2'ing with me.
when, u irrits me with ur LAME jokes.
and the time when u tease me.
I miss ur smile.
Do uu remember ?
Last week , when i go back JB,
that tyme, u're moody because ayah go back home late,
because u're already late to go to pasar,
and want me to accompany uu til uu moody.
And then, i did said to uu,
Ma, takmohh moody2 uhh Ma,.
Aye balek, Aye tanak tgok Mama marah2 and moody gyni uhh.
Then, u suddenly u just smiling at me and said,
Takdelaa, Mama tak marahh awakk laa..
I love that smile Ma.
and Im happy bcause im able to make uu smile.
U're the best for me Mama.
If only uu know how much I love YOU !
Thanks because eu've been the BEST for me.
and u'll always be the BEST for me ..
now i realized how much I LOVE YOU,
when im always miss you.
and i started to kiss upon ur cheeks and forehead and hug uu.
and now, the LOVE words just belongs to u Mama.
the true meaning of LOVE is just for uu.
Im sorry if i've made many mistakes towards eu..
Im just a normal person that do mistakes in their life.