Tuesday, June 22, 2010

haix :(

today supposed to be my last dance prac
wif 22clb bfore i go to malacca for stdy ,.

but then ., i feel guilty for some reason .
and im afraid to face them .
i feel extremely guilty .
i miss those KECOH moments dat i spent wif 22clb .

i miss dancing wif them .
i miss 22clb . :"(

person dat i could never forget is ICE .
haix . she's being nice wif me since i join the crew .

but now, im afraid and mcm segan gytu nk text her or even talk to her .
im afraid she mad at me for some reason .

i read her fb , and she is att wif fadil,.
i want to wish her LAST LONG ,
but, idk whye i cant even type dat at her fb ..

so, i just stated here laa i think ,

to ICE and FADIL, LAST LONG ayee ! :)
and dun repeat lyke wad dat i've done bfore .
i know eu guys wont !

haix .. why tis things happen huhh ?
i wish i cn go to the past , and fix the things ,
so dat , i wont be like now .
sit at one corner , afraid to face the reality .

i want to mit them BADLY .
but, its hard for me to face them .

then , i decided to just observe them from far .

seing them HAPPY, SUCCESS and become POPULAR,
is enough for me :')

haix .

i dunno whye tis crew mean soo much to me .
i guess , 22clb will be my greatest memories !

singing out .!